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Each of the heroes' classes equip different types of weapons and gear. The warrior equips a series of whips, clerics equip maces, etc. 

In Doom & Destiny: Advanced, weapons can be found as loot in chests, via special abilities or at a merchant, sold for golz (Golz DDA).

The weapons below will appear in your in-game menu under Handbooks > Weapons. The weapons that are currently equipped by a hero will appear in the menu at the Status screen.

Weapons by ClassEdit

Francis's WeaponsEdit

Johnny's WeaponsEdit

Mike's WeaponsEdit

Nigel's WeaponsEdit

Plot Character's WeaponsEdit

During Chapter 11 & 12, a few plot characters join the heroes' party as allies. Here are the weapons that can be found for them.

Classes in Doom & Destiny: Advanced
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Cosplay Francis Nerd0NerdCosplay Francis Rogue0 RogueCosplay Francis Chef0 ChefCosplay Francis Ranger0RangerCosplay Francis Adventurer0 Adventurer
Cosplay Johnny Athlete0AthleteCosplay Johnny Barbarian0BarbarianCosplay Johnny Black Guard0Black GuardCosplay Johnny Warrior0WarriorCosplay Johnny Pyromancer0Pyromancer
Cosplay Mike Hipster0 HipsterCosplay Mike Cleric0ClericCosplay Mike Knight0KnightCosplay Mike Bard0BardCosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate
Cosplay Nigel Geek0GeekCosplay Nigel Wizard0WizardCosplay Nigel Sorcerer0SorcererCosplay Nigel Necromancer0 NecromancerCosplay Nigel Summoner0 Summoner
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