In the later chapters of the main quest, void stores and "void outposts" begin to appear in various regions of the mainland on the world map. These appear as two separate locations close to each other but in some cases, entering the outpost or the store leads to the same area.

Void StoresEdit

At these stores you can find a void merchant to replenish your supplies of void and there are other useful items for sale on the tables near the merchant. Items sold are resource items, primary/secondary colour gems (nuggets/shards) and an artifact ("Blue Truffle Concentrate", unlocks the Double Void item power.)

The void merchant sells units of  Void void. Rates are 1 unit for 3-5  Golz DDA golz. Taking advantage of the cheaper stores is helpful when making large purchases, e.g. after converting inventory void to  ConcVoidconcentrate void.

The merchants will offer you two options:

  • 1st option from the top: Buy the maximum amount of void to fully replenish your supplies of void and reach your void limit (See Inventory.
  • 2nd option: Buy a partial amount of void for less golz (min 200 void for 1,000 golz). Be careful, if you select this option and you are missing less than 200 void, you will still be charged 1,000 golz for the purchase and any quantities of extra void past your limit will be wasted!

Void Merchant LocationsEdit

While most of the void merchants in the game can be found at stores on the world map, there are a few exceptions. Below you have all of the locations where void merchants can be found.

Region Location Rate Items sold
Mainland - MacGuffin Shire Southeast of Castle Town, east of the boat docks 5 Secondary colour nuggets: 10 x KnowledgeNugget, 10 x WaterNugget, 10 x AirNugget (2,500  Golz DDA each)
Mainland - Enchanted Kingdom near River Town / Mage Tower 5 Primary colour shards: 10 x EarthShard, 10 x EtherShard, 10 x FireShard (2,500  Golz DDA each)
Mainland - Imperial Lands North east of the Imperial City 4 Boule de void (2,500  Golz DDA), void cell (5,000  Golz DDA)
Mainland - Imperial Lands South of the Imperial City (can only be accessed by BoatDDA boat or Motorboat motorboat) 5 Primary colour nuggets: 10 x EarthNugget, 10 x EtherNugget, 10 x FireNugget
Mainland - Steel's Lands East of Steel's Docks 4 Blue Truffle Concentrate (12,000  Golz DDA), Piggybank (5,000  Golz DDA).
Mainland - Desert East of Oasis Town 5 Secondary colour shards: 10 x KnowledgeShard, 10 x AirShard, 10 x WaterShard (5,000  Golz DDA each)
Mainland - Imperial Lands Docks on the coastline, east of Giovanni Plateau Temple, south of Demon Island. 4 (n/a, merchant only)
Mainland - Steel's Lands Steelingrad: gem conversion/temple building (gem placard above the door) 3 (n/a, merchant only)

Void OutpostsEdit

These are areas that are guarded by void troopers, Solomon Steel's minions. In most of these outposts, there are also void containers to replenish your supplies of  Void void.

Tip: before going to buy void at the void store, it is a good idea to visit the nearby outpost first (if there is one) to see if there are any full void containers. Replenishing your void supplies at the outpost first reduces the amount of void to buy at the store and therefore, reduces the cost of your purchase.

Known Store/Outpost LocationsEdit

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