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As explained on the Classes page, any hero classes that are not unlocked in the first few chapters of the main quest must be unlocked by finding the urn and the spirit of the Hero of that class.

If the spirit is found before the urn, a "memo" will be created in the inventory to remind players of its location once the urn is found.

Empty urns, memos and "full" urns are listed in the inventory under MENU > Inventory > Urns.

Here are the locations of the urns and the spirits:

Class Urn Location [U] Spirit Location [S]
Cosplay Francis Adventurer0 Adventurer [U] & [S] Orcus Lair: After solving the braziers puzzle, explore the castle/dungeon area to the north to find the urn & the spirit.
Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard [U] Orcish Theater: In a blue chest behind the stage. [S] Orcish Theater, Imperial City: First, speak to the Hero of the Bard at the orcish theather twice. Then, go to Imperial City and speak to the imperial bard in the northern house in the Restaurant/Hotel district to receive the spirit.
Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard [U] MacGuffin Castle (2nd floor): The chest containing the urn is in the southwest storage room. With the Knight and Wizard classes equipped, move the boulder and enter the magic portal at the southeast corner of the same floor to reach the chest. [S] After getting the 'Key of the MacGuffin's Crypt" from MacGuffin Castle's Treasury, return to the Royal Crypt to the room where you defeated King MacGuffin XI the Greedy, go north through the stone doors. The spirit will appear after defeating the black guard.
Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight [U] Hamlet Town: Go down the vine pit concealed behind a tree, and through the tunnel to the garden where you will find a purple chest containing the urn.

Spirit Location:

[S] Farm (near Castle Town): After defeating the skeletons, take the farmer's well rope from the shack, then go down the well in the first area.
Cosplay Nigel Necromancer0 Necromancer [U] & [S] Lich's Crypt / Fort Ivory: The urn is in a musical chest at the bottom of the moat, through the Alchemy Gate. The spirit will be in the room across the moat.
Cosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate [U] Treasure Island: Treasure chests are buried at various spots at the center of X-shaped patterns. In one of these spots, the urn can be found. [S] Flying Spaghetti Monster Temple (near River Town): Defeat the blessed pirate boss on floor -1 to capture the spirit.
Cosplay Johnny Pyromancer0 Pyromancer [U] Pyromancer Cemetery: In a small house at the north west corner of the sakura tree forest area. [S] Bowels of the Earth: The spirit can be found on the last / bottom floor (-2).
Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger [U] Ranger Hut: Collect 10 x Soft Leaf Rolls to get into the church holding the urn. (video) [S] Northern Woods Clearing (north of MacGuffin Castle): speak to the spirit.
Cosplay Nigel Sorcerer0 Sorcerer [U] Castle Town: At the magic shop. (this is a secret: you have to activate the statue and use the magic circle. Wizard class required). [S] Ruined Alchemist's Tower (north of MacGuffin Castle): In a small brown chest in the room on the other side of the alchemy gate.
Cosplay Nigel Summoner0 Summoner [U] & [S] Summoner Sanctum, Elemental Gyms: collect 3 gym badges from 3 different elemental gyms (Ice, Lightning and Fire gyms) then return to Summoner Sanctum to unlock the spirit.
Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Warrior [U] MacGuffin Castle: You have to complete at least the Silver stage of the Shire Hero side quest (kill bandits / "scroundrels" to earn certificates of valor). Then, go to the room north of the Queen's throne room and speak to the guard captains. The urn will be in the 2nd chest you can access. [S] Castle Ivory (after defeating the invading bigots): Interact with the grandfather clock in the far north corridor on the ground floor to enter a secret room.

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