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Each of the heroes have special class abilities that allow them to navigate through the different areas of the Doom & Destiny: Advanced world. They give each class a unique advantage over other classes, but also, they force players to carefully select which classes will be most useful in particular areas.

These special abilities give access to alternate paths in an area, they reduce the cost of certain services or they give players a chance to acquire items such as battle postcards, Pastafarian keys, gems, cosplays, etc.

To see where these special abilities can be used, visit the class pages for each of the heroes.

Abilities by ClassEdit

Hero Class Special Ability
Cosplay Francis Nerd0 Francis Cosplay Francis Rogue0 Rogue can see a Rogue GreenArrow green arrow when there is a secret to discover.
Cosplay Francis Chef0 Chef can prepare a light meal at a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron.
Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger can spot hidden paths and carry the whole team through Ranger ThornyBush thorny bushes.
Cosplay Francis Adventurer0 Adventurer can break Adven GreenVase green vases.
Cosplay Johnny Athlete0 Johnny Cosplay Johnny Barbarian0 Barbarian can burp at a Barb Nobleman nobleman to scare him away.
Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard can sacrifice BG Chicken chickens and restore the party's HPs.
Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Warrior can swing his whip at Warrior Pole poles.
Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Pyromancer can walk through Pyro Flame big flames.
Cosplay Mike Hipster0 Mike Cosplay Mike Cleric0 Cleric can fully heal the party's HP & MP at FSM Altar altars.
Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight can push Knight Boulder boulders.
Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard can see the bell color combination needed to unlock MusicBox Closed musical chests.
Cosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate can see a PirateX cross / X in areas and dig up a treasure.
Cosplay Nigel Geek0 Nigel Cosplay Nigel Wizard0 Wizard can travel to inaccessible areas via Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circles.
Cosplay Nigel Sorcerer0 Sorcerer can absorb Sorc ManaSpring mana springs and heal the party's MPs.
Cosplay Nigel Necromancer0 Necromancer can talk to Necro Ghost ghosts to get clues about secrets.
Cosplay Nigel Summoner0 Summoner can challenge Summoner Kid summoner kids.

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