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Here are the secrets found while exploring the Doom & Destiny: Advanced world.

The numbering below represents the recommend order to unlock the secrets. Some secrets can be accessed sooner but they require a higher level and would be too dangerous to reach at lower levels. If that's the case, all secrets are accessible in the endgame, once the main quest is completed. You can always come back to these areas later on to unlock any secrets you might have missed.

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Royal CryptEdit

Secret # 1
Benjamin's Cellar Room3 SkullSwitchBenjaminsCellar SecretRoom
How to find it:
This secret can be found during Chapter 1. In the Royal Crypt depths, the areas connected to Benjamin's basement, there is an area with a grate to unlock and a switch. Northwest of that unlocked grate, there is a shiny skull. Interact with it to open a passage to a secret room.
∙ 25x  Golz DDA ∙ 2x  FoodCrate Full
∙ 1x  StuffCrate Full ∙ Thoughwood Ladle of the Cosplay Francis Chef0 Chef)

Secret # 3
Secret RoyalCrypt1 House
How to find it:
Entering from the village, the southwest house has a toilet which when flushed rapidly will give up its secret.
Necromancy for Dummies

Secret # 4
Secret RoyalCrypt2
How to find it:
In the area with the plaque on the wall, the room to the left is sealed with a metal gate. Between the two alcoves nearby is a light-colored brick which can be pressed to open it.
∙  Golz DDA ∙  FoodCrate Full
RedChest Closed red chest Shopping bag

Secret # 5
Secret RoyalCrypt3
How to find it:
After crossing the Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle, the archway north opens up when the extinguished candle to the left is clicked.
∙ 4x piles of  Golz DDA ∙ a lootable coffin
RedChest Closed red chest (alchemy phial) ∙ a message informing you that you can read.

Secret # 6
Secret RoyalCrypt4
How to find it:
In the room with a gated passage south of a long north-south carpet, the statue to the right has a protruding plaque. Click on it to open a passage to a secret room.
∙ 2x small piles of  Golz DDA ∙ 2x lootable coffins
∙ a secret exit from the crypt.

Secret # 7
Secret RoyalCrypt5 Arrow
How to find it:
The room where you find the Rogue urn has a secret door and release switch as tutorial for the class ability to spot secret doors.
Bubble Question smrd Bubble Question smrd
Bubble Question smrd Bubble Question smrd

Secret # 13
Secret RoyalCrypt6 Tombstone
How to find it:
In the room with three barred passages, the archway along the east wall opens with a click on the east tombstone.
∙ 2x lootable coffins and 4x piles of  Golz DDA ∙ a  FoodCrate Full
∙ a BlueChest Closed blue chest (10-11 x FireNugget) ∙ a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal

Secret # 14
How to find it:
In the room north of the black guard encounter, where his spirit appears, the skull in the northeast alcove slides the fake sarcophagus aside.
∙ lots of golz BrownChest Closed brown chest (Quiver of the Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger)
BlueChest Closed blue chest (5 x WaterNugget) ∙ a YellowChest Closed yellow chest (containing the Nails Squeezer)

Hamlet TownEdit

  • Can't get more conspicuous than a big, red chest.
  • Secret warehouse in Hamlet Town.
#2. The warehouse in the southwest corner unlocks with the key from the fairy's camp in Fey Forest. Rewards: 2 piles of golz, 3 food crates, and a RedChest Closed red chest (Picnic Basket).
Wp ss 20150827 0001

Secret bunker in case of fire.

#8. Next to the southeast home, a pine tree conceals a vine leading down into a small cave/pit. Rewards: stuff, and the PurpleChest Closed purple chest on the other side, in the exterior (Empty Urn of the Knight).

Castle TownEdit

Secret CastleTown Statue

Couldn't you have just hopped over the fence from outside?

#9. In the magic shop, there is a cupboard and a statue with a protruding plaque below it. With the rogue in the party, a Rogue GreenArrow green arrow will appear above the cupboard. By interacting with the statue, the cupboard slides to the side to reveal a Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle Go through it to unlock the secret location. Rewards: PurpleChest Closed purple chest (Empty Urn of the Sorcerer).

MacGuffin CastleEdit

Wp ss 20150825 0014

MacGuffin's treaures now Available.

#10. Treasury at the northwest corner on the first floor. After speaking with the Queen during Chapter 2, the guard standing along the eastern wall will leave, and you can walk through the opening. Rewards: golz, Purse, MacGuffin's Crown, Key to MacGuffin's Crypt.
Wp ss 20150825 0017

In prison for disturbing statues.

#11. Below the prison, on the north end of the cavern with a passage through murky water, the statue to the right of the north Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle opens a door between the braziers. Reward: 2 piles of golz, 2  FoodCrate Full, BrownChest Closed brown chest (Diabolic Flail of the Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard), BlueChest Closed blue chest (6 x AirNugget) and a famished gate (opens for 75x food) leading to 5 piles of golz, a coffin, 2  FoodCrate Full, 1  StuffCrate Full, BlueChest Closed blue chest (4-6 x FireShard) and an FSM Altar altar.

Northern CliffsEdit

Wp ss 20150825 0019

The grim up north (but not that far north,) where barbarians go to cool their nipples.

#12. Close to the west of Castle Town, nestled in a ring of mountains, is a YellowChest Closed yellow chest behind a tree. Reward: Battle Postcard VI.

Northern Woods ClearingEdit


Another tragic victim of soft leaves roll deprivation.

#15. In the Northern Woods north of MacGuffin Castle, the single tree in a clearing is in fact a secret location. Rewards: Ranger's spirit, 2 BrownChest Closed brown chests (Bow and Boots of the Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger).

Dead Tree MerchantEdit

Wp ss 20150825 0020

Location's good, but the storefront needs work.

#16. In MacGuffin County, along the southern edge of the mountain range around Snow Mountain, there is a single dead tree. Enter that for the reward: a merchant selling 12 of each Primary nuggets for 10x Dead Hands.

River TownEdit

Wp ss 20150825 0021

Don't mind us, we're "security experts".

#17. In the north side magic shop, follow the long red carpet west through the wall. Rewards: reagents, golz, a 1/2 price reagent merchant, and a BlueChest Closed blue chest (6 x KnowledgeNugget).

Ranger HutEdit

RangerHut SecretVine

Shouldn't the park rangers stop this sort of thing?

#18. At the first area, there is a hidden vine behind the northwestern tree that leads to a pit. Rewards: 3 piles of golz, 2 x AlchemyCrate Full, 2 BrownChest Closed brown chests (Profane Symbol of the Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard, soft leaf roll), and an FSM Altar altar.

Mage Tower SewersEdit

Wp ss 20150825 0022

An inherently profitable venue.

#19. On the south end of the path from the entrance, next to the first accessible Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle, is a statue that lowers the bars blocking the arena. Rewards: golz and access to the arena.

A woman you can only meet in a dive like this.

#20. In the sewer maze past the beige drake, stand to the left of the woman facing left and click on her to teleport to the one facing right. Reward: 3 piles of golz.
Wp ss 20150825 0024

Obviously the work of Magihobos.

#21. The Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle north of x deposits you to the right of another portal. Enter it from the left. Rewards: 3 piles of golz and a RedChest Closed red chest (resource box).

Dress to suppress.

#22. After returning from the previous screen, again click the statue facing left to teleport to the one facing right. Rewards: 3 piles of golz and a BrownChest Closed brown chest (Sturdy Leather Belt of the Cosplay Johnny Barbarian0 Barbarian).
Mts secret door

Anything for some fresh air.

#23. In the same room as the 2nd pair of teleporter statues, there is a hidden door in the NW corner (between 2 mage statues). Area beyond contains a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, 2 food baskets, and a RedChest Closed red chest (thermos).
Wp ss 20150825 0029

Hell of a place to have to trust your footing.

#24. In the room with switches to left and right, go past the stone gates to the gate in the walkway. East of here is an invisible floor to the  BlueChest Closed blue chest (5 x KnowledgeNugget).

Ethereal LabyrinthEdit


When in doubt, follow the signs.

#25. Touching each of the lamposts around the village bridge opens a door to the left, past the boulder. Rewards: food, reagents, stuff, 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests (10 x FireNugget, 5-6 x KnowledgeNugget), a RedChest Closed red chest (resource box), a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron, and a Sorc ManaSpring mana spring. Past the mana spring is a RedChest Closed red chest (alchemy phial).

Who needs sleep when we have reagents?

#26. The Inn southeast of #25 can be entered by clicking the center of the wall. Rewards: golz, cupboard with food, 2 StuffCrate Full, 1/2 price reagent merchant, a BG Chicken chicken and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.

Pathfinding 101.

#27. The path to the right of #26 leads to dead end concealing a hidden passage. Go through that for Rewards: 5 piles of golz,  AlchemyCrate Full, and a BrownChest Closed brown chest (Snake's Bracers of the Cosplay Nigel Sorcerer0 Sorcerer).

The physics leaves me baffled.

#28. Down the ladder past Death's throne room, click the outlined brick in the east wall to open the archway to the right. Rewards: 2 piles of golz, RedChest Closed red chest (resource box), BrownChest Closed brown chest (Arcanal Staff of the Cosplay Nigel Wizard0 Wizard) and BlueChest Closed blue chest (5-6 x KnowledgeNugget).

Croaking Swamps of MysteryEdit


From here, it still looks like a dump.

#29. Enter Iota's shack from the world map on the right side. Rewards: golz, BlueChest Closed blue chest (5 x WaterNugget).

Just how many go behind this tree?

#30. On the left side of the second swamp screen toward Toad Castle, a Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle is hidden behind the bluish willow. Reward: BlueChest Closed blue chest (5-6 x WaterNugget).

Mage TowerEdit


It's deja vu, all over again!

#31. At the stairs down from Violet MacGuffin, the statue to the left slides aside a bookshelf directly south, revealing a void gate. If you return back out of the void gate to the Mage tower, go downstairs to lower floor

Rewards: void, a RedChest Closed red chest (Boule de Void), 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests (5-6 x WaterNugget, 10-11 x EarthNugget), and a shortcut to Iota's house.

Lich's CryptEdit


Exactly the combination I have on my luggage.

#35. In the room with the necromancer's spirit are five buttons (outlined bricks.) The sequence 3, 4, 1, 5, 2 opens the archway behind the spirit. Rewards: golz, reagents, 2x dead hands and a lich. Defeating the lich grants: 3 medium piles of golz, 2 BrownChest Closed brown chests (Livingbone Sceptre and Livingbone Buckle of the Cosplay Nigel Necromancer0 Necromancer), and 3 BlueChest Closed blue chests (5 x KnowledgeNugget, 5 x KnowledgeNugget, 3 x KnowledgeShard).

No good intentions, just some old bones.

#36. At the bottom of the chasm, west end, a row of bones leads toward a stone archway. Click the archway to enter. Rewards: 2 medium piles of golz, 2 coffins (5-6 x KnowledgeNugget, dead hand), a BrownChest Closed brown chest (Holy Whip of the Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Warrior), an FSM Altar altar, and a lever that opens the gates across the bridge above.


Screenshot 2015-11-06 20.55.33

Et tu brute force decryption.

#32. In the northeast corner of the church, next to the mocking headstones, click the coffins in top, right, left order to open the stone archway. Rewards: 8 piles of golz and a RedChest Closed red chest (moneybag).

Ivory CastleEdit


Carpe loot.

#33. Upstairs central corridor, east wing; the wall-clock next to the safe opens it. Reward: mortar and pestle.

War memorial or fetish dungeon?

#34. Northern corridor, the ticking grandfather clock opens a secret door. Rewards: 2 piles of golz, Memory Johnny Spirit / Memo, Warrior Memory Johnny, 2 BrownChest Closed brown chests (Spirit Whip and Spirit Breastplate of the Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Warrior).

Imperial CityEdit


The big city: even trash-strewn alleys are paved with golz.

#37. Enter the Mage Tower district from the northwest (top left) side. Rewards: golz, BlueChest Closed blue chest (2 x WaterShard).
Wp ss 20150826 0012

Using trees as postboxes must be a local custom.

#38. The park in the Restaurant/Hotel district of Imperial City has a YellowChest Closed yellow chest, completely hidden behind the south tree. Reward: Battle Postcard III.
#129. After the Such a Complicated Love quest, another section of the Imperial Palace becomes accessible. Before rushing to the vault, note that the dresser to the SW (below the portrait of Queen Elizabeth?) can be opened. Reward: Moneybag.

The LabyrinthEdit


An undisclosed location.

#39. Row a boat southeast around the continent to a shack on a small island. Rewards: an FSM Altar altar, an entrance to the arena, a BlueChest Closed blue chest (2 x WaterShard) and a RedChest Closed red chest (resource box).

Never a bad time to hit the beach.

#40. Entering from the north, go off the east side of the map. Rewards: An FSM Altar altar and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.

A Christmas tree?

#41. Outside the northernmost building, a switch behind the east side pine tree opens a nearby stairway down. Rewards: 5 piles of golz, food, reagents, and a RedChest Closed red chest (thermos).

A deep appreciation of art.

#42. Inside northernmost building, click silver statue. Rewards: 5 piles of golz, 2  AlchemyCrate Full, BlueChest Closed blue chest (10-11 x EarthNugget).

The eyes have it.

#43. South of #41-42, the eye on the eastern building opens the door. Follow the path west through the wall. Rewards: 6 piles of golz, 2 StuffCrate Full, food.

Just pray these aren't load-bearing.

#44. Inside a building to west, click the orange pot on the right. Rewards: 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests (10-12 x EtherNugget,11 x FireNugget).
Screenshot 2015-11-08 13.25.24

If all Kretones are liars...

#45. Inside the Labyrinth, along the right-hand path. On the north wall of the maze is an outlined brick which opens the door to the right. Rewards: 8 piles of golz, 2  AlchemyCrate Full, stuff, and 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests (4-6 x FireShard, 6 x EtherShard).

The most noble vocation of all: plunder.

#46. Along the left path, the wall directly behind the aristocrat opens a secret door. Rewards: 15 piles of golz, 2 AlchemyCrate Full, 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests (5-6 x EarthShard, 2 x WaterShard).

Forest Clearing near Ice MinesEdit


At least they're not playing Do&De.

#47. The forest clearing to the west of the Ice Mines hosts a Summoner's tournament. 3 Summoner Kid summoner kids will accept challenge. Rewards: 2 BlueChest Closed blue chests of earth nuggets, GreenChest Closed green chest (Summoner's Cosplay).

Snow MountainEdit


Who knows what horrors lie within?

#48. In the shack on top of the mountain, the fridge slides aside to reveal a ladder. Rewards:3 piles of golz, 2 VoidCube Full, BlueChest Closed blue chest (5 x AirNugget), an FSM Altar altar, and a void gate (100). Beyond the gate are 5 VoidCube Full, BlueChest Closed blue chest (2-3 x AirShard), and a RedChest Closed red chest (Boule de Void).

So many tracks, there has to be a rusty old depot somewhere.

#49. From the mine entrance, one track splits off to the east wall. Follow to a secret area. Rewards: 9 piles of golz and a BlueChest Closed blue chest (11-12 x EtherNugget).

Less than impressive safety standards.

#50. In the room where a blue cube is seen, the grave marker west of the first ladder opens a passage in the north wall. Rewards: 6 piles of golz, reagents, BlueChest Closed blue chest (10-12 x EtherNugget), a BG Chicken chicken, a Sorc ManaSpring mana spring, and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.


#51. Down the first ladder there a glow from the wall around the west corner. Click to enter for Rewards: stuff and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.
#52. Cross the bridge to east Ziggurat and climb ladders up top. Clicking wall between windows opens a dooor. Rewards: golz and 6 x AirNugget.
#53. Across the lower bridge back to the west Ziggurat, a door in the wall between the window and torch opens. Rewards: stuff and a bundle.

Giovanni Plateau TempleEdit

#54. (Invisible passage): Turn left at the invisible passage (at the 2nd square tile) instead of going up/north and follow the path leading to the first secret.

Rewards: golz, food, a spaghetti shrine and a Piggy bank. Standing in front of the pillar south of the RedChest Closed red chest drops you into an area with more golz, void, 12 x FireNugget, 5 x WaterNugget and a void gate. Through the void gate is more void, a void accumulator and 2 x KnowledgeShard.

  • Invisible passage
  • first secret
#55. (Statue): Go back to the building past the previous secret, there is one of these statues with red eyes and an arrow-tip sword to the left of the building. Stand in front of it to fall through the hole and discover secret 2. Rewards: 11 piles of golz, a reagents crate, a RedChest Closed red chest containing a mortar and pestle, and a BlueChest Closed blue chest with 11-12 EarthNugget.
  • Hole in front of statue
  • second secret
#56 (Switch): One can trigger the secret and partial rewards by just walking in front of the trap statue on the right side of the exterior entrance. For full rewards:

Return to where you found the previous secret, enter through the door of the building and follow the path. After falling through 3 holes and following the path, you will eventually find a grey astral gate leading to your void resource boxes. Further south of that gate, there is a room with a switch. Activate it to unlock a staircase that leads back to the first area of the location. Rewards: blue chest, golz, reagents crate, stuff crate, 12 x EarthNugget, a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, and a BG Chicken chicken.

  • Switch to activate
  • third secret

Steel's PalaceEdit

Secret SteelsTower Tavern
#57. Office level - on the west end of the cafeteria, follow the light colored tiles through the wall. Rewards: Big-Events Hat of the chef, Big-Events Apron of the chef, and Big-Events Ladle of the chef.
#58. On the north-west part of the right section of the Laboratory level, the ladder can be reached through the hidden passage. Rewards: void and a void merchant.
#59. On the far left of the Laboratory shop is a secret path that loops north and back east to the area behind the counter. Rewards: a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, Curse Removal, and gem converters to make Primary nuggets into Secondary nuggets, Primary nuggets into Primary shards, and Primary shards into Secondary shards.
#87. Enter any of the evil clones' apartments after you get their keys. Rewards:

  • SuperCool Staff of the wizard, SuperCool Tunic of the wizard, Supercool Hat of the wizard, Arcane Flame Rod of the sorcerer, Alligator's Bracers of the sorcerer, Alligator's Amulet of the sorcerer,

  • Rightful Mace of the cleric, Rightful Chainmail of the cleric, Rightful symbol of the cleric, Chic Longsword of the knight, E Plate Armor of the knight, Exaggerated Large Shield of the knight

  • Horse Buster Sword of the Barbarian, Yob Underpants of the Barbarian, Yob Belt of the Barbarian, Allbreaker Flail of the black guard, Bad Bad Banded Armor of the black guard, Bad Bad symbol of the black guard

  • Familybreaker Dagger of the rogue, Disrespectful Cloak of the rogue, Unpolite Shoes of the rogue, Very long bow of the ranger, Exaggerated boots of the ranger, Exaggerated quiver of the ranger


Secret Candyland1

Secret stairs leading to an underground sanctuary

#60. The tombstone (marked with LK -up arrow) on the right end of the path around the pond disappears to reveal stairs down. Rewards: 5 piles of golz, 2-3 x AirShard, 4-6 x FireShard and a spaghetti shrine.
Secret Candyland2

Stair on the right side of the church lead to this room.

#61. West of the gingerbread church is another marked tombstone. The tombstone north of it hides another stairway. Rewards: golz, reagents, food, a lunch box and a BG Chicken chicken obstructing 4-6 x EarthShard.
#62. South from the church, a lolly-pop tree conceals a switch that opens a stairway nearby. Rewards: 4 piles of golz, Livingbone Tiara of the Necromancer, and 2 x KnowledgeShard.

Lehebris EmbassyEdit

#63. In the room past the first yellow doors, a carpet leads east through the wall. Rewards: golz and 2 x KnowledgeShard.
#64. South of the pursuing robots, the section of pipe along the south wall is passable. Rewards: void and a void accumulator.

Inner LaboratoryEdit

#65. At the bottom of the lift, walk west through the wall. Rewards: 2 void containers, 1 food basket, and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.

Ethereal Hall of MemoryEdit

  • The two statues
  • Activated void gate
#66. There are two statues at the top and bottom of the elevator shaft with protruding plaques below them. Interact with both of them to activate a void door at the bottom of the elevator, on the next floor down.
#67. On the 1st floor of the Mage Tower, activate the red books on 2 bookshelves to access the area with a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.
#68. On the 3rd floor of the Mage Tower, a transparent walkway allows access to the BlueChest Closed blue chest in the NW corner.
  • Interact with the statue to reveal a staircase
  • Secret inn in the Hall of Memories
#69. Push the death statue beside the eastern tower to reveal a staircase. Grants access to inn/bless facilities.
#70. On the 1st floor of the eastern tower, opening boxes to make pattern 7 and C will reveal a staircase.The area below includes multiple stuff crates and a stuff vendor. (Note that activating any further boxes will reset the puzzle and hide the staircase.)
#71. In the giant Ivory Castle, a crack in the wall below the portrait of of George Washington grants access to an equipment vendor: Legendary Bracers/Buckle/Underpants/Cloak/Bandana/Awards Score.
#72. In the mine, 1st screen, a railway track leads W to a BlueChest Closed blue chest and Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron.
HofM shardxch
#73. At the bottom of the stairway, just before the exit to the swamp area, there is a hidden door in the wall. These lead to 3 crystal conversion merchants - merge nuggets, merge shards, create primary shards.
  • Rope hanging down
  • Reagents Merchant
#74. Follow the wall W of the entrance to the swamps to a rope. From directly beneath the rope, hitting interact/up(?) will grant access to a half-price reagent vendor. Reward: 2 reagent flasks, BlueChest Closed blue chest with 2 x AirShard
#75. Heading directly S from the entrance to the swamps leads to an "unsuspicious" statue. Push it E to reveal stairs to an inn and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.
#76. A flickering crystal in the NE part of the swamps serves to teleport the party to the island with 3 BlueChest Closed blue chests.
#77. The SE part of the swamps contains a shrine and a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal. A hidden path to the E of the shrine building grants access to the BrownChest Closed brown chest.
#78. Level -1 of the Hall of Memory (building with the branches puzzle) features switches on the hidden faces of the 2 square pillars - activate to progress and reveal 2BlueChest Closed blue chests.
#79. The refrigerator beside the pit in Hall of Memory level -1can be opened to reveal a portal. Enter for 6 food baskets, a food vendor, and Legendary Toque of the Chef.
#80. The NW home in the truffle village can be entered. Reward: 2 void containers, void vendor.
DTR spike brick
#81. A brick a few steps W of a death statue releases spikes on the E side of Death's throneroom. The revealed wall contains a secret door. The room beyond holds a switch, 5 piles of golz, and a RedChest Closed red chest containing a picnic basket.
#82. 2 bricks on the W side of Death's throneroom can be activated to reveal a hidden door. Room beyond contains a switch, a RedChest Closed red chest - and another hidden door 2 steps E of the switch...
#83. See above. 2nd half of the hidden area contains 4 piles of golz, 2 void containers, and a RedChest Closed red chest with a Boule de Void.

Lands of the Sand of TimeEdit

#84. In the FSM Tower for the Rogue, a Rogue can detect a secret door; activate to get the secret and progress the plot.
#85. In the basement of the FSM Tower for the Knight, 3 bricks can be activated to open a secret door in the N wall. The area beyond contains a food basket and a BlueChest Closed blue chest. Rewards: piles of gold, Legendary Chainmail of the Cleric in the brown chest, 5 x FireShard in the blue chest, 1 food crate.

Summoner SwampsEdit

#86. The Summoner Sanctum itself is a secret location.

Flying Spaghetti Monster TempleEdit

Location FSMT Passage1
#88. Temple Passage 1: On the floor -1, in the right part of the room with 2 elevators and a statue, in the wall near the torch.
Location FSMT Passage3
#89. Temple Passage 3: On floor -1 after passing through the central doors of the temple, in the wall. Rewards: 23 piles of golz, two BlueChest Closed blue chests with 5-6 x WaterNugget in each of them. [Taking several steps S appears to trigger a second secret - given that this brings the total number of secrets to 150, this appears to be a bug?]
Fsmt odd secret
Location FSMT Passage2
#133. Temple Passage 2: When the elevator is activated on floor -2, after placing all 3 meatballs on the pedestal dishes.
Secret FSMTemple PinkBoulders

Pinks boulders floating in the water.

#134. FSM Temple Secret 4: On floor -2, there are 2 pink boulders and a Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle on this floor. Once you find these, you will have to push each boulder into the Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle at the north (equip the Knight and Wizard classes). Once both boulders are pushed through the teleport circle, go through it and you will have access to a small inaccesible area near the water. Rewards: BlueChest Closed blue chest with 3 x WaterShard(or 3 x KnowledgeShard?), SmallBrownChest Closed small brown chest with a Pastafarian key, 3 huge piles of golz.
#135. On floor -3, upon completing the puzzle for the Flying Spaghetti Monster's spawn challenge.

Gate to Steel's LandsEdit

#90. A gap in the fence (mostly hidden by a tree) allows access to a BrownChest Closed brown chest (also mostly hidden by a tree). Reward: Advanced Bow of the Ranger.

Steel's DocksEdit


A surprisingly pregnable fortress.

#91. A couple of squares S of a rock outcrop in the middle of the forested area is a hidden rope to a secret location with a shrine, a void container, and 7 piles of golz. The other entrance/exit is in the 1st building E of the obvious entrance to the Docks (SW member of a group of 4 adjacent concrete buildings), between the glowing green cylinders.
#92. In a group of 4 concrete buildings, the one to the NE has no door, but a switch. The crate directly E of that location is a disguised GreenChest Closed green chest containing Rogue's Cosplay III.
#93. Inside the NW member of 4 adjacent buildings is a ladder mostly hidden behind the bottom row of lockers. It leads to a secret area containing stuff, void, and a void door.
#94. The area between warehouses can be accessed from inside the E warehouse, by following a path out the W edge. Reward: golz and a RedChest Closed red chest.

Ruined Knight TowerEdit

Map RuinedKnightTower
#95. The Ruined Knight Tower itself is a secret location.
#96. On the W side of ground floor, behind shelf, is a hidden exit to a secret cellar. Reward: 13 piles of golz, 4 BrownChest Closed brown chests containing Dead Hands, 3  BlueChest Closed blue chests containing 5 x KnowledgeNugget, 11 x EtherNugget, 11 x EtherNugget.

Demons Island RavineEdit

#97. The area just NW of Sandy Inn is a secret location, the Ravine.
#98. A tangle of transparent paths provides access to the other side of the ravine - and to a BlueChest Closed blue chest containing 2 x AirShard.
#99. Just a bit NE of the entrance to the interior, mostly hidden by a statue, is a rope to a secret basement area. Reward: 27 piles of golz (20 small, 7 large), 3 BlueChest Closed blue chests containing 12 x EarthNugget, 12 x EtherNugget, 5-6 x KnowledgeNugget, and a GreenChest Closed green chest with Warrior's Cosplay IV.

Wild JungleEdit

#100. In the 1st jungle maze area, towards the N edge of the 1st screen, is an area with a barrel, a coiled rope, and several digging implements. A hole hidden behind the tree in the middle leads to a secret area. Reward: 11 piles of golz (1 huge, 4 large, 6 medium), 3 stuff boxes, and a BrownChest Closed brown chest containing Advanced Bracers of the Sorceror.
#101. In the 1st jungle maze area, on the 3rd screen, is a pit with a rope leading down to a secret area with a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron, 1 reagent flask, 2 stuff boxes, 4 food baskets, and a BlueChest Closed blue chest.

Note that a hidden pit towards the E edge of the screen also provides (one-way) access to this area.

#102. Within the 2nd jungle maze area, in the underground maze near the exit, there is a hidden path in the NE corner to a secret room with 13 piles of golz and a  BlueChest Closed blue chest containing 2 x WaterShard.

Clash of the titans.

#103. On the eastern edge of the jungle is yet another ruin, hosting a convention of summoner kids. Beyond the one kid accepting challenge are ~27 piles of golz... and a path leading to a stone structure with an open doorway... leading to a secret underground area. Reward: 18 piles of golz, 1 reagents flask, 3 stuff boxes,  BlueChest Closed blue chest containing 5 x EarthShard , YellowChest Closed yellow chest containing Battle Postcard XXXV, and yet another of those lovable jungle traps asking you to balance golz against an item (in this case, a piggybank).

Demon IslandEdit

DemonIsland SecretCamp

Secret Camp on Demon Island

#104. In the swamp-like part of Demon Island, north of the jungle and east of the barren terrain, there's a secret "chef's camp" close to the center of the island represented by a small tent icon on the world map. It leads to a small area with food resources and reagents.

At the center of the area, there's a chef next to a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron but the island is inaccessible. You have to find and activate 3 switches to unlock 3 wooden boards: 1 is visible, 2 are hidden behind trees with thorn bushes close to them.

Once you find and activate all the switches, go to the central island, there's a small green chest with chef's Cosplay IV inside; the chef will sell it to you for 50x soft leaves rolls. Rewards: food, reagents, chef's Cosplay IV.

Sorceror Training GroundsEdit

#105. Lighting the 3 flames generates a GreenChest Closed green chest between the 2 statues at the center of this region. Accessing the chest counts as a secret and provides the Sorceror's Cosplay IV.

Bowels of the EarthEdit

#106. Near the ladder down is a BlueChest Closed blue chest. Access is provided via a hidden path, starting from a gap in the wall to the S.

#107. Progress through the lava map requires activating lighter-colored stalagmites to raise squares above the lava, as well as activating magical braziers to extinguish walls of fire. One stalagmite (near the Warrior Pole pole) allows access to a BlueChest Closed blue chest on the N edge of the map.

Pyromancer's CemeteryEdit

Secret PyroCemetary Braziers

Light the braziers to make the green chest appear.

#108. There is a secret in the first area of Pyromancer's Cemetery. With the Pyromancer class equipped, light the two braziers close to the door leading north. A GreenChest Closed green chest will appear. Reward: Pyromancer's Cosplay I.

Death MountainEdit

#113. On the first map of the Death Mountain mine, there is a hidden exit on the S edge (look for the lighted area with no apparent source). This leads to an enclosed wooded area with a BlueChest Closed blue chest.
#114. The Death Mountain Labyrinth features an apparent cul-de-sac with a BG Chicken chicken at the end. Sacrifice the chicken and take the hidden path W to access a secret area containing a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron and a BlueChest Closed blue chest.
#115. After passing through the Village of the Red Ninja, there is a forested area at the very foot of Death Mountain (past the signpost). The NW corner of this area counts as a secret and contains a chest.

Blacksmith Judah's HouseEdit

#116. The location itself counts as a secret.

Southern WallEdit

#109. Access this location from the N (Steel's Lands) for golz, 3 reagents flasks, and a BrownChest Closed brown chest containing Advanced Magitools for ally Violet MacGuffin.

Tundra Dead TreeEdit

#110. The isolated dead tree at the SE of Steel's lands is a secret location with a BrownChest Closed brown chest containing MacGuffin's Avenger for ally Rose MacGuffin.

Forest Clearing near SteelingradEdit

#111. A forest clearing east and a bit south of Steelingrad is a secret location with 3 reagents flasks and a BrownChest Closed brown chest containing Advanced Destiny's Rod for ally Marcus Fatum.


#112. On the 2nd floor of the building in the NW corner of the residential section, a hidden gap in the wall of the neighboring room allows access to the room with the RedChest Closed red chest.

Benjamin's HouseEdit

#117. Entering the portal at the top of the Mage Tower to begin Rescuing the Archmage grants access to new areas in Benjamin's House. The full bathtub on the 2nd floor contains an obscured small green chest holding Pirate's Cosplay 6.
#118. Activate the W bookshelf in the northern bedroom on the 2nd floor to open the dresser. Reward: piggybank

Overgrown TownEdit

#119. The south face of a building on the western edge of town has a hidden alchemical gate (go to the SW corner of town and head N). Pay 250 reagents to enter area with some golz, a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, and a RedChest Closed red chest containing a purse.
#120. A bit W of the center of the map is an area mostly enclosed by tress, accessible only from the N via a gap between buildings. It contains various crates stacked around a red barrel, 4 piles of golz... plus a RedChest Closed red chest 2 steps W and 1 S of the red barrel, mostly hidden behind a tree. Reward: shopping bag.

Ranger ShopEdit

#121. The solitary tree a bit NE of the Jungle Pier hosts a secret location. After receiving 52 soft leaf rolls, the resident Ranger will be willing to sell Epic Bow/Quiver/Belt/Underpants.

Alan's InnEdit

#122. The building in the NW part of the Lands of the Sand of Time contains an secret inn. Resident bard Alan has a side gig in sales, offering Epic Ladle/Toque/Tricorne/Awards Score.

Knight ShopEdit

#123. The tower on the little island a bit S of Death Mountain contains an secret shop. The starving resident knight will sell items after receiving sufficient (700?) food: Epic Longsword/Large Shield/Magic Sword/Magic Shield/Breastplate/Bandana.

Tower of Illegal MerchantEdit


Barely legal casting?

#124. The tower on the northern side of Banana Island counts as a secret location. Beyond the alchemical gate (500 reagents) is a dubious-looking spellcaster selling Epic Axe/Hood/Bracers/Amulet.

Illegal Prison TradersEdit

#125. A little island on the NE edge of Steel's Lands holds a small building - actually a secret prison! A "resident" set of glowing red eyes in black armor demands 50 Dead Hands, after which it will sell Epic F(l)ail/Profane Symbol/Cloak Shoes.

Haunted ManorEdit

The built area on the small island a bit NW of Imperial City hosts 3 secrets:
#126. From the pond on the eastern side of the estate, a transparent path leads from the north shore to the smal island in the center. Reward: 3 x AirShard.
#127. A narrow bridge of land directly W of the hedge maze leads to a secret area. Reward: reagents flask, 2 x WaterShard.
Secret HauntedManor 2F

Secret on the 2nd floor inside the Haunted Manor

#128. The library in the NW corner of the 2nd floor of the manor contains a secret chest, mostly hidden behind the middle bookcase against the left wall. Reward: Alchemy Phial.

Volcano Dead TreeEdit

#130. The solitary dead tree a bit N of Swampy Town counts as a secret. Reward: PurpleChest Closed purple chest with ultimetal.

Necromancer Dead TreeEdit

#131. The solitary dead tree a bit E of the Graveyard Gemstone Dungeon counts as a secret. Reward: PurpleChest Closed purple chest with ultimetal, GreenChest Closed green chest with Necromancer's Cosplay 6.

Palm TreeEdit

#132. The solitary palm tree surrounded by mountains in the northern part of the Lands of the Sand of Time is a secret location. Reward: PurpleChest Closed purple chest with ultimetal.

Reverse ZigguratEdit

#136. On the 5th floor of the ziggurat, a transparent path over the lava grants access to the RedChest Closed red chest.

Ice Peak MountainEdit

#137. The path on the east side of the dark ice maze apparently dead-ends - but a hole in the the S wall leads to a secret area in the starting cave. Reward: void container, RedChest Closed red chest

Obsidian MinesEdit

#138. On the 1st level, a button on a wall towards the NE corner of the map releases a ladder to a secret area on the surface. Reward: a RedChest Closed red chest.
#139. On the 1st level, a bit E of the ladder to the 2nd level rests an empty cart - and telltale marks indicating a track intersection. Push the cart past the intersection and head S to access a hidden room - and another ladder to the surface. Reward:a RedChest Closed red chest.
#140. On the 2nd level, from a senseless-looking jumble of rails near the center of the map, a single track leads N... towards a suspicious rectangle in the wall. Follow to emerge near an apparently-inaccessible RedChest Closed red chest passed earlier.

Jungle Gemstone DungeonEdit

#141. The entrance to the dungeon proper counts as a secret.
#142. The 3rd rewards area counts as a secret.

Volcano Gemstone DungeonEdit

#143. The entrance to the dungeon proper counts as a secret.
#144. The 3rd rewards area counts as a secret.

Graveyard Gemstone DungeonEdit

#145. The entrance to the dungeon proper counts as a secret.
#146. The 3rd rewards area counts as a secret.

Secret ShopEdit

Location SecretShop Outside

There is no secret shop here...nope...none.

#147. Discovering the secret shop: the place itself is a secret location. To get to this location, you have to go through the Training Camp first, which can be accessed with the RedMotorboat red motorboat or the FlyingShip flying ship. The entrance to the secret shop is located in the left wall of the tower, on the same level as the sign.

Southeast Palm TreeEdit

  • Secret location at the palm tree west of the final FSM Tower.
  • Chests to loot (at the Southeast Palm Tree location)
#148. There is a secret location on the island to the left of the final FSM tower, on the other side of the whirlpool, near the southeast corner of the world map. The location is at the lone palm tree on that island. There are 3 RedChest Closed red chests to loot. Rewards: a purse (golz limit +800), a piggybank (golz limit +1,200) and a moneybag (golz limit +2,000).

Flying Spaghetti Monster TowerEdit

#149. The FSM Tower itself is a secret location.

Unsorted / To be reviewedEdit

Snow MountainEdit

#??. Around the right side of the mountain cluster is one mountain you can enter to find an arena entrance.

[Hidden map element, but AFAICT does not count as a secret.]

Finding SecretsEdit

Secret RoyalCrypt5 Arrow

No door remains concealed from the Rogue.

Wp ss 20150825 0036

The Ranger finds the less trodden paths.

Ghost Boneburg

The Necromancer receives wisdom from beyond the grave.

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