It is located on the mainland in the western part - at the very end of the Ultimate Forest , near the mountain range. This location can only be accessed by going through the Training Camp and the forest itself, which is teeming with high-level monsters.

There is a sign on the opposite side of the entrance that there are definitely no secret shops here.

The store inside is much larger than it looks from the outside.

Nugget MerchantsEdit

Near the northern wall, there are gem merchants / traders. They sell an unlimited amount of gems:

  • Primary colours nuggets: 10 x  FireNuggetEarthNuggetEtherNugget for 4,000 Golz DDA each.
  • Secondary colour nuggets: 10 x  KnowledgeNuggetWaterNuggetAirNugget for 8,000 Golz DDA each.

Shards of any colour are not sold at the secret shop.

Gem ConversionsEdit

Near the eastern wall, there are two merchants who can convert primary and secondary colour nuggets into gems for 20,000 Golz DDA per conversion:

  • 20 x  EarthNuggetEtherNuggetFireNugget --> 5 x  EarthGem /  EtherGem /  FireGem
  • 20 x  KnowledgeNuggetAirNuggetWaterNugget --> 5 x  KnowledgeGem /  AirGem /  WaterGem

There are also 2 merchants who can convert primary or secondary colour shards into gems for 10,000 Golz DDA per conversion.

  • 10 x  EarthShard /  EtherShard /  FireShard --> 5 x  EarthGem /  EtherGem /  FireGem
  • 10 x  KnowledgeShard /  AirShard /  WaterShard --> 5 x  KnowledgeGem /  AirGem /  WaterGem

Resource ItemsEdit

At the south, resource items are sold individually to increase your resource limits.

You can buy an unlimited amount of the following items:

  • Picnic Basket (Max food limit +40) for 4,000 Golz DDA each.
  • Alchemy Phial (Max reagents limit +40) for 4,000 Golz DDA each.
  • Shopping Bag (Max stuff limit +40) for 4,000 Golz DDA each.
  • Piggybank (Max golz limit +1,200) for 7,500 Golz DDA each.


At the center of the shop, there are 4 cosplays for sale, which are sold for 12,500 Golz DDA each:

  • Nigel's Sorcerer Cosplay VI
  • Mike's Cleric Cosplay VI
  • Johnny's Barbarian Cosplay VI
  • Johnny's ?? Cosplay VI
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