"The city may be known for it's magic tower, but these magicians are still in search of a spell that could ward off the stench from a fish hovering over the port."

It is located at the center of the Enchanted Kingdom, to the right of the Tower of Mages. To the east of the city, there is a pizzeria and to the south, a place known as Demigod's Crater, which appears as a well on the map.

The heroes first visit River Town during Chapter 2 of the main quest. Upon arrival in the city, the heroes note that they need to rent a BoatDDA boat to get to the Mage Tower, and Johnny says that this beautiful city resembles "Little Venice".

First AreaEdit

In the first area, in the house in the middle on the main street, you can find a purse (max golz limit +800) in one of the closets. There is also an inn, a tavern (to replenish food resources), weapon and armor merchants, and further down, a prison (with an entrance to the arena).

The chef at the tavern sells:

  • Cosplay Francis Chef0 Chef: Collector Scheme Ladle (300  Golz DDA), Collector Scheme Hat and Gifted Apron (450  Golz DDA).

The weapon and armor merchants sell the following equipment:

  • Cosplay Mike Cleric0 Cleric: Ironbless Mace and Ironbless Chainmail (300 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight: Longsword +1 (300 Golz DDA), Perfect Large Shield (120 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Johnny Barbarian0 Barbarian: Bastard Sword (180 Golz DDA), Sturdy Leather Underpants (300 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Francis Rogue0 Rogue: Sharp Dagger (180 Golz DDA), Chic Cloak (300 Golz DDA), Stealth Shoes (120 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger: Shooting Bow (300 Golz DDA)

At the eastern edge the first area, you can rent a boat to get to the Mage Tower, home to the mages that protect the city. The sailor near the docks sells a souvenir boat to the heroes for 100  Golz DDA, assuring them that this is a magical amulet from crocodiles that can swallow heroes at a time.

If the heroes lose the BoatDDA boat, the sailor can recall it to the surroundings of the city for a price of 100  Golz DDA.

Northern AreaEdit

In the area to the north, there is a magic store selling equipment for a few magic-using classes:

  • Cosplay Nigel Wizard0 Wizard: Arcanal Tunic (450 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Nigel Sorcerer0 Sorcerer: Burning Rod (450 Golz DDA), Lizardly Amulet (120 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard: Diabolic Flail (300 Golz DDA), Dark Symbol (120 Golz DDA)

In the central square before the store, there is a music box and several bells containing the Chef's Cosplay I for Cosplay Francis Nerd0 Francis.

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The correct combination to open the music box is Green -> Yellow -> Blue -> Green.

In the house to the right of the central square, there is a BlueChest Closed blue chest with 5 x AirNugget. It is blocked by a Knight Boulder boulder and a Barb Nobleman nobleman.

Southern AreaEdit

The house of the Boomingbottom family is in the area to the south, close to the docks. If you can sneak unnoticed, the Rogue's Cosplay I is hidden in a small green chest.

In a neighboring building at the bazaar, heroes can find a merchant selling a piggybank (max golz limit +1,200) for 300  Golz DDA.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • In earlier versions, a error made the boat available for a price of 1,000 golz. In a later update, the error was fixed.
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