As the name implies, it is located to the east of the River Town, at the right of the city, on the screen.

The pizzeria is guarded by a dead skeleton mage, throughout his afterlife studying magic and dreaming of taking a trip to the Ivory Land in order to complete his studies. He will sell you the pizzeria for ??,??? golz.

If you've already liberated and claimed the Pizzeria near Castle Town, the pizzaiolo will mention this.

After the purchase of the Pizzeria, players will be able to get more food containers by using Resource Boxes and they will be able to upgrade their current boxes. The maximum amount of resource boxes is 5 and each resource box can be upgraded to contain up to 50 food.

At the far end of the Pizzeria, there is a YellowChest Closed yellow chest containing the artifact Gigi's Pizza Box (unlocks the Banquet item power).

Other PizzeriasEdit

Note: all of the pizzerias are duplicates of the same pizzeria. If you buy or upgrade a resource box at one of the pizzerias, your progress will be transferred to all of the pizzerias you visit in the game.

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