It is located at the northwest of MacGuffin County, not too far from Castle Town.

When the heroes first go to this place, it looks like an abandoned and desolate place. They meet Pizzaiolo, who complains that rats are occupying his beautiful pizzeria and are interfering with business.

A giant rat boss lives in the basement of the pizzeria, as well as 5 small stacks of golz and a RedChest Closed red chest containing a Resource Box.

Once the heroes free up the place from the rat invasion, the pizza chef will allow the heroes to get a steady supply of food.

He allows them to get additional food containers by investing resource boxes or to upgrade their current food containers to have their containers produce more food, to a maximum of 50 Food per container.

A YellowChest Closed yellow chest contains Grandma's Plums.

Musical ChestEdit

To the east of the Pizzeria (at the left of the door), there is a MusicBox Closed musical chest that contains Battle Postcard II.

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The combination to unlock the chest is: RedBell - GreenBell - YellowBell - BlueBell.

Version HistoryEdit - The musical chest was added.

Other PizzeriasEdit

Note: all of the pizzerias are duplicates of the same pizzeria. If you buy or upgrade a resource box at one of the pizzerias, your progress will be transferred to all of the pizzerias you visit in the game.

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