The Orcish Theater is located at the northwest corner of the Croaking Swamps of Mystery.

Raised bridges that can be lowered by a switch in the ruined tower west of King George II the Pious' Fort block the path to it.

This place represents an unsuccessful attempt by the residents of the area to boost the economy of the region. It failed to attract new customers because too few people visit the swamps and the shows there are simply too sloppy; only orcs can enjoy them.

The building is in shambles and its windows are broken. Here and there, equipment and rubble is found on the floor. The theater is overrun by orcs and Cosplay Francis Nerd0 Francis is sure that this mess is their doing.

Outside of the TheatherEdit

There is a BG Chicken chicken and a stuff crate to be looted.

Inside the TheaterEdit

Broken instruments, excrement, and occasional encounters with orc troops.

Inside, in the western part, in the RedChest Closed red chest, the "Theatrical Key" can be found. In the east, there is a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal and a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron.

To the north, in the backstage area, there is an important item to be claimed in a BlueChest Closed blue chest: Urn Mike Empty Urn, Bard Urn Mike.

Loot found within: piles of golz, stuff, food and alchemy crates.

In the chests in the middle, the heroes can find the Festivalclub Lute and the Festivalclub Hat of the Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard.

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