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Nigel Wizard
More about the hero:
Hero: Nigel
Attributes: MIG CHA SKI   
Role: Damage
Weakness: -50% physical resistance
Where to find:
(Automatically issued during Chapter 1)

Cosplay Nigel Wizard0 - "The wizard is the nerd of the fantasy world... But instead of being bullied because of that, he throws alchemical fire and magic missiles at bullies. He can use teleport circles to always arrive to class on time."

Characteristics and Equipment:Edit

  • Primary Stats: Might, Charisma, Skill
  • Weakness: -50% physical resistance
  • Types: living, human, spellcaster
  • Weapons: staves (+MIG)
  • Gear: tunics (+CHA) hats/pileus (+SKI)

Unlocking the ClassEdit

This is Nigel's first class. It is issued automatically during Chapter 1.

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
Level Gem Requirement Powers Unlocked* Extra Slots Unlocked
1 - Magic Missiles (A) 1 active
2 10 xEtherNugget Alchemical Fire (A) +1 active
3 10 xEtherNugget Sleep (A) +1 item
4 12 xEtherNugget Mirror Reflection (P) +1 passive
5 3 xEtherNugget Ice Storm (A) +1 active
6 4 xEtherNugget Arcane Teachings -
7 4 x EtherShard Dispelling Blast (A) -
8 5 x EtherShard Alchemist (P) +1 passive
9 6 x EtherShard Lightning Chain (A) +1 item
10 8 x EtherShard Countermagic (P) +1 active
11 8 x EtherShard Summon Rolando (A) -
12 10 x EtherShard Arcane Focus (P) +1 passive
13 3 x EtherGem Eldritch Missiles (A) +1 item
14 Suppression Field (P) -
15 Freezing Ray (A) -
16 Lost Alchemy?? (to confirm) +1 passive
17 Ice Storm?? (to confirm)
18 8 x EtherGem Shield (P) -
19 8 x EtherGem Meteor Swarm (A) -
20 16 x EtherGem Mirror Wall (P) -

Special Class AbilityEdit

  • The wizard can travel through a Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle that he finds in many areas to teleport him to unreachable locations.

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