This cave can be accessed through a prison manhole in MacGuffin Castle from Chapter 2 of the main quest. Later on, it can be accessed directly through a cave entrance on the world map.

Entrance through MacGuffin CastleEdit

On the second floor of MacGuffin Castle, there is a prison cell with a manhole that gives access to this area. Once in the cave, you follow a path to the different areas and find different rewards: resource crates, golz and gems.

The CaveEdit

In one of these cave areas, there is a secret that will give access to more loot.

In another, a Knight Boulder boulder allows access to an area with a Chef Сauldron chef's cauldron, food, golz, a BlueChest Closed blue chest: 10 x EtherNugget, and a BrownChest Closed brown chest: Collector Scheme Ladle of the Cosplay Francis Chef0 Chef.

The DragonEdit

As you progress through the main quest, you will be able to return to this area and find a dragon. Defeating the dragon will allow you to get an important artifact: Saint Drake's Blood (which unlocks the MP regeneration item power "Dragon's Blood").

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