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Mike Pirate
More about the hero:
Hero: Mike
Attributes: CRI CHA HEA  
Role: Damage / Support
Weakness: -50% fire resistance
Where to find:
Urn: Urn Mike


Memory Mike

Cosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate - another auxiliary / attacking class for Mike. It focuses on sacred and lightning attacks and offers several defensive skills. The pirate is able to heal the party with the his shanty powers but his healing abilties are not as powerful as the cleric and bard powers.

Characteristics and Equipment:Edit

  • Main Attributes: Critical, Health, Charisma
  • Weakness: -50 % fire resistance
  • Types: living, human, spellcaster
  • Weapons: flintlocks (+CRI)
  • Gear: tricorns (+HEA), hooks (+CHA)
  • Other: Mike's Cosplays

Unlocking the ClassEdit

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
1 - Holy Lightning (A) -
2 5 xWaterNugget Sea Shanty (A) +1 active
3 5 xWaterNugget Freebooting (A) +1 item
4 6 xWaterNugget Seagull Grog? (P) +1 passive
5 6 xWaterNugget Mouth to Mouth (A) +1 active
6 8 xWaterNugget Turtle Grog (P)
7 8 xWaterNugget Prayerrr (A)
8 10 xWaterNugget Treasure Hunting (P) +1 passive
9 3 x WaterShard Double Lightning (A) +1 item
10 4 x WaterShard Shark Grog (P) +1 active
11 ?? x WaterShard Lightning Wrath (A)
12 Song for the Fallens (P) +1 passive
13 +1 item
16 +1 passive
19 4 x WaterGem Wrath of God (A) -
20 8 x WaterGem R'Amen! (P) -

Special Class Ability:Edit

The pirate can see a PirateX cross / X  in areas and, when interacting with them, can dig up a treasure.

Pirate "X" LocationsEdit

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