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Mike Bard
More about the hero:
Hero: Mike
Attributes: . CHA SKI   AGI
Role: Support
Weakness: -50% fire resistance
Where to find:
Urn: Urn Mike


Memory Mike

Cosplay Mike Bard0 - Even if regarded as a loser, the bard is the rock star from medieval times and a great support class. Undisputed lords of the indie-rock, bards however suffer from synesthesia and associate colors to sound.

Characteristics and equipment:Edit

  • Primary Stats: Charisma, Skill, Agility
  • Weakness: -50% fire resistance
  • Types: living, human, spellcaster
  • Weapons: Lutes (+SKI bonus)
  • Gear: Tunics (+AGI bonus), notes (+CHA bonus)
  • Other: Mike's Cosplays

Unlocking the ClassEdit

  • Urn Location: Orcish Theater (during Chapter 3). The urn is in a BlueChest Closed blue chestbehind the stage. The heroes will meet the spirit in the Orcish Theater twice, from then on, the spirit will become available in Imperial City.
  • Spirit Location: Imperial City in the Hospitality Quarter.

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Gem requirements and powers unlocked are missing from affinity lv 14 to 19.
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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
Level Gem Requirement Powers Unlocked* Extra Slots Unlocked
1 - Powerful Song (A) 1 active
2 3 xKnowledgeNugget Healing Song (A) +1 active
3 5 xEarthNugget, 5 xEtherNugget Nimble Song (A) +1 item
4 6  xEarthNugget, 6 xEtherNugget Moxie Tune (P) +1 passive
5 6 xKnowledgeNugget Sleeping Serenade (A) +1 active
6 8 xKnowledgeNugget Rock Refrain (P) -
7 8 xKnowledgeNugget Dissonant Refrain -
8 10 xKnowledgeNugget Classic Refrain +1 passive
9 3 xEarthShard, 3 xEarthShard Triump Chant +1 item
10 4 xEarthShard, 4 xEarthShard Dancing Tune (P) +1 active
11 4 xEarthShard, 4 xEarthShard Ruin Chant -
12 5 xEarthShard, 5 xEarthShard Counter Melody +1 passive
13 6 x KnowledgeShard +1 item
14 -
15 -
16 +1 passive
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 8 x KnowledgeGem Encore (P) -

Special Class AbilityEdit

  • The bard can get a visual cue of the correct combination needed to open a Bard MusicBox Opened music box. When playing the melody, the screen flashes blue, red, yellow or green depending on the note heard.

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