Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard - "Even if regarded as a loser, the bard is the rock star from medieval times and a great support class. Undisputed lords of the indie-rock, bards however suffer from synesthesia and associate colors to sound."

Characteristics and EquipmentEdit

  • Primary Stats: Skill, Agility, Charisma
  • Weakness: -50% Icon Fire resistance
  • Types: Icon Living living, Icon Human human, Icon Spellcaster spellcaster
  • Weapons: lutes (+SKI bonus)
  • Gear: tunics (+AGI bonus), notes (+CHA bonus)
  • Mike's Cosplays

Unlocking the ClassEdit

  • Urn location: Orcish Theater (during Chapter 3). The urn is in a BlueChest Closed blue chest behind the stage. The heroes will meet the spirit in the Orcish Theater twice, from then on, the spirit will become available in Imperial City.
  • Spirit location: Imperial City in the "Restaurant / Hotel" district.

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
Level Gem Requirement Powers Unlocked* Extra Slots Unlocked
1 - Powerful Song (A) 1 active
2 3 x KnowledgeNugget Healing Song (A) +1 active
3 5 x EarthNugget, 5 x EtherNugget Nimble Song (A) +1 item
4 6 x EarthNugget, 6 x EtherNugget Moxie Tune (P) +1 passive
5 6 x KnowledgeNugget Soporific Serenade (A) +1 active
6 8 x KnowledgeNugget Rock Refrain (P) -
7 8 x KnowledgeNugget Dissonant Serenade (A) -
8 10 x KnowledgeNugget Classic Refrain (P) +1 passive
9 3 x EarthShard, 3 x EtherShard Triump Chant (A) +1 item
10 4 x EarthShard, 4 x EtherShard Dancing Tune (P) +1 active
11 4 x EarthShard, 4 x EtherShard Ruin Chant (A) -
12 5 x EarthShard, 5 x EtherShard Countersong (P) +1 passive
13 6 x KnowledgeShard Dispelling Song (A) +1 item
14 8 x KnowledgeShard Healing Beggar (P) -
15 8 x KnowledgeShard Mimicry (A) -
16 10 x KnowledgeShard Annoying (P) +1 passive
17 3 x EarthGem, 3 x EtherGem Woe Anthem (A) -
18 4 x EarthGem, 4 x EtherGem Dissonant Chorus (P) -
19 4 x EarthGem, 4 x EtherGem Bliss Anthem (A) -
20 8 x KnowledgeGem Encore (P) -

Special Class AbilityEdit

  • With the bard in the party, players get a visual cue of the correct bell combination needed to open a MusicBox Closed musical chest. When interacting with each of the bells, the screen flashes blue, red, yellow or green depending on the note heard.

Known Musical Chest LocationsEdit

Musical Chest CombinationsEdit

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Location Color Combination
Pizzeria (near Castle Town) RedBell - GreenBell - YellowBell - RedBell
River Town GreenBell - YellowBell - BlueBell - GreenBell
Lich's Crypt BlueBell - YellowBell - YellowBell - GreenBell - RedBell - BlueBell
Ivory Castle GreenBell - BlueBell - GreenBell - RedBell
Imperial City - Inn YellowBell - BlueBell - RedBell - GreenBell
Astral Thread Labyrinth BlueBell - RedBell - BlueBell - GreenBell
Giovanni Plateau Temple BlueBell - BlueBell - BlueBell - GreenBell
Arena E of Ice Mines BlueBell (upper left) - RedBell (lower left) - RedBell (lower left) - GreenBell (lower right)
Deaths Limbo Swamp RedBell - BlueBell - YellowBell - GreenBell

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