This is the place where the heroes killed by Solomon go to after the plot events in the Mage Tower. This location is entirely constructed from the memories of its inhabitants.

The spirits of heroes who once lived in the world live here. They are unable to go through the labyrinth and free themselves from the shackles of limbo. Some of them existed so long ago that they forgot all the mundane details of their lives in the real world, after an existence of endless boredom and dullness in this purgatory. Others lost their memory partially or divided its parts among themselves.


The house resembles Benjamin's cellar in the real world. The starting room has a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal. Furniture contains various resources. South lies another room with resources and two more exits.

The door to the NE leads to more resources, then to an unfamiliar room with various facilities: priest, food (2 golz), RedPigeonBooth red pigeon booth, reagents (2 golz), stuff (2 golz), magic shop, and blacksmith. The equipment vendors sell:

  • Cosplay Johnny Black Guard0 Black Guard: Diabolic Symbol (300 Golz DDA) and Diabolic Banded Armor (450 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Nigel Sorcerer0 Sorcerer: Snake's Amulet (300 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Mike Cleric0 Cleric: Ironbless Symbol (450 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight: Large Shield +1 (300 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger: Eco-Friendly Quiver (450 Golz DDA)

(These items can all be bought later in Swampy Town).

At the extreme right of the closet is the alchemical flask granting +40 to alchemy reagents, 3 x Golz and a BrownChest Closed brown chest.

The door to the SW leads to an area resembling the outside of Benjamin's home. There is a switch, an FSM Altar altar, and a BrownChest Closed brown chest.


To find a way out - you need to go through the maze to the end, but it must be done in the correct sequence.

  • Across the labyrinth and beyond, the spirits will give clues on how to find a way out of the maze.
  • If you do not listen to them - you can get stuck .. forever!

In the southwestern part of the labyrinth is a small town. The building on the left, covered with some Ranger ThornyBush thorny bushes is a BrownChest Closed brown chest (Trekking Boots of the Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger).

In the central part, a gentleman blocks the way to some golz, as well as the trunk with the hybrid sword for the barbarian.

In the eastern part of the maze, behind the Sorc ManaSpring mana spring is a BlueChest Closed blue chest (5-6 x KnowledgeNugget). A Knight Boulder boulder blocks a BrownChest Closed brown chest (+1 Plate Armor of the Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight).

Several tips to a secret are scattered around the area. 

Exiting the LabyrinthEdit

After passing through the maze, Death will appear at the very end, opening the passage from limbo to Iota's House.

It will be available only after the heroes demonstrate to Death that they are really able to defeat the villain Solomon Steel, i.e. win a boss fight.


Located between the exit of the Maze of Memories and Iota's House, allowing you to travel back and forth.

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