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Details: This should be a spoiler-free walkthrough.

Tutorial / PrologueEdit

The heroes find themselves in what seems to be a dream. While exploring a dungeon, they encounter enemies in a sewer network. As they continue their journey, they find themselves in a burning scholarly tower of some sort. This is where they eventually meet a mage (Violet) speaking to an evil man by the name of Steel and his minions. He seems to be looking for some kind of book.

We then cut to the heroes in front of Benjamin's house, who surprisingly, isn't anwering his doorbell. The heroes venture deeper inside to go look for him. Once inside, they find a "Key of the Cellar" and one of the heroes volunteers to go investigate what this door opens. As the hero comes back, he finds that his friends have found a secret entrance that goes deeper into a crypt area.

Objectives: none.

Chapter 1: "Left for Nerd"Edit

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The heroes continue to explore the crypt below Benjamin's house. We see a cut scene in which Benjamin wonders where his friends are. Soon enough, the heroes have another encounter with Steel who sends a blob (Toothachemon) to attack them. After the heroes' victory, Solomon send his briefcase friend to suck their vital force. It knocks them out and creates evil clones of the heroes.

One of the heroes wakes up in an ethereal realm, and starts to look for his friends. As he explores the area he finds himself in, he meets a heroic spirit. He tells the heroes that he is in a parallel dimension and explains some of the basic concepts of the game. During this encounter, the hero receives his first urn and spirit.

After the encounter, the hero ends up back at Benjamin's basement. He finds one of the heroes trapped behind the grate to the Royal Crypt depths and the others are nowhere in sight. The only place to go is through a forest leading up to a small town (Hamlet Town). While strolling through the forest, the hero learns how to upgrade his affinity class. He also finds gear for himself and his allies and a key to unlock a warehouse.

Fey Forest Loot:

  • Key of the Warehouse
  • Belt of the Barbarian
  • Holy Symbol of the Cleric
  • Pointed Hat of the Wizard
  • Toque of the Chef
  • 10 x Air/Ether/Fire/Earth Nuggets (based on who the hero is.)


  • Meet Benjamin to play Do&De
  • Tell your friends about the strange things happening in the main room
  • Investigate the crypt to find hints on what is happening
  • Defeated by an evil man, find a way out of this ethereal realm.
  • You came back to the real world...Where are your friends?

Chapter 2: "No nerds, no party"Edit

Chapter 3: "Return of the Nerd"Edit

Chapter 4: "Nerd to the bone"Edit

Chapter 5: "Operation Destiny"Edit

Chapter 6: "Raider of the Last Artifact"Edit

Chapter 7: "Solomon Steel Inc."Edit

Chapter 8: "Blue Screen of Doom"Edit

Chapter 9: "Grand Theft Nerd"Edit

Chapter 10: "Eye of the Noodle"Edit

Chapter 11: "A Trip to Demons Island"Edit

Chapter 12: "Nerds Never Die"Edit

Chapter 13: "Gran Finale"Edit

Additional QuestsEdit

There are more quests once chapter 13 is completed.

More info here: Additional Quests (Doom & Destiny: Advanced)

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