Located in MacGuffin Shire, directly north of Castle Town.

Ground floorEdit

On the northernmost wall, there is a passage that leads to the Northern Woods.

Right next to that door, there is a switch that lowers the two nearest bridges in the area north of the castle, on the world map.

A secret is also found on this floor

Second floorEdit

In the southern part of the central area, there is a at the center, and a PurpleChest Closed purple chest with the Empty Urn of the Black Guard. You can get there from the room on the same floor, on the right side (east), by moving the Knight Boulder boulder and going through the Wiz TeleportCircle teleport circle with Nigel as a wizard.

There are two more chests to loot on the seconds floor, a BlueChest Closed blue chest to the west with 11 x FireNugget and another one at the northeast corner with 6 x WaterNugget.

In the western section of the second floor, there is a kitchen where you can replenish your food supplies and there is also a boiler. A staircase leads down to the back room, where you can find a YellowChest Closed yellow chest containing the Bacco's Blood artifact, and a BlueChest Closed blue chest containing 10 x EtherNugget.

In the eastern section of the second floor, a pathway leads to the prison. In one of the cells, through a prison manhole, there is a passage to the Mountain Cave, a location that contains important treasures. The guard in the room will let you access that cell if you pay him 100 Golz DDA.

To the north is the throne room in which Queen MacGuffin the Available governs her lands.

Certificates of ValorEdit

In a room north of the throne room ("above" the throne room, up), there are treasure chests that can be looted by getting Certificates of Valor, rewards from the "Shire Hero" side quests in which you defeat scoundrel enemies (i.e: bandits). To get access to the chests, heroes have to speak to the captains, the ones wearing red cloaks, whenever they get more certificates.

Each Certificate allows you to receive more valuable rewards:

  1. golz and Knight Cosplay (I)
  2. golz and Moneybag (Max golz limit +2000)
  3. golz and Urn Johnny Empty Urn, Warrior Urn Johnny

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