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a -> b a "leads to" b : location b can only be accessed through location a (one-way)
a <-> b bidirectional locations:  location b can be accessed through location a and vice versa (two-way)
(exit / entrance) designation of the starting or ending point of the intermediate location
:: internal locations
; the end of the internal location
On some of the location pages, the directions may be provided:

  • North is always up, South is down, West is to the left, and East is to the right.
Areas Regions Locations

MacGuffin Shire

Castle Town <-> MacGuffin Castle -> Mountain Cave  ∙ Ruined Alchemist's Tower ∙ Mountain ArenaNorthern Woods ClearingHamlet Town :: Fey Forest Barbarian Camp ∙ Royal Crypt ∙ Farm ∙ Pizzeria ∙ Ranger HutNorthern Cliffs Cave ∙ Ruined Knight TowerBoat Docks (south of Castle Town)Boat Docks (near Ranger Hut)Void Store & OutpostWizard Tower ∙ Gate to Enchanted Lands

Enchanted Kingdom River TownPizzeriaMage Tower -> Mage Tower Sewers  Flying Spaghetti Monster Temple ∙ Demigod's Crater (Well) ∙ DragonshrineNugget Merchant TowerTombDead Tree MerchantGate to the Imperial Lands
Croaking Swamps of Mystery Swampy TownKing George II the Pious' Fort <-> Southern Gate (south exit)Iota's House -> Passage to the Labyrinth of MemoriesOrcish Theater ∙ Swamp Tower
Ivory Lands Gate to the Ivory Lands -> Secret Passage :: Lich's CryptBoneburgIvory Castle
Imperial Lands Imperial CityVoid Stores & Outposts ∙ Ice Mines <-> Underground City ∙ Forest Clearing near Ice Mines ∙ Gate to the Astral Thread LabyrinthAstral Thread LabyrinthOasis TownGiovanni Plateau TempleHaunted ManorPoor Village
Summoner Swamps Summoner Sanctum
Cubic Forest Cubic Forest -> Obsidian Mines -> King McCubert's Throne Room -> Passage to McCubert's Dimension
Predator Jungle Benjamin's House ∙ Overgrown Town ∙ Ranger Shop ∙ Predator Ruin ∙ Jungle Pier
Southwestern Fjords Mysterious Compound
Lands of the Sands of Time Sand Town ∙ Benjamin's District :: Benjamin's House ; Mafiosi Docks ∙ Heartbit Interactive Studios -> Hall of Memory (Basement) ∙ Palm Tree ∙ Alan's Inn ∙ Flying Spaghetti Monster's Hall ∙ Flying Spaghetti Monster's Towers  ∙ Whirlpool
Steel's Lands Cozy Hut ∙ Steelingrad :: Steel Tower ∙ Ice Peak Mountain ∙ Tundra Dead Tree ∙ Forest Clearing near Steelingrad ∙ Steel's Docks ∙ Orcus Lair ∙ Southern Wall
Western Forests Death Mountain -> The Secret Village of the Red NinjaBlacksmith Judah's HouseTraining CampSecret Shop
Northwestern Moors Graveyard Gemstone Dungeon ∙ Necromancer's Dead Tree
Volcanoes Volcano Gemstone Dungeon ∙ Volcano Dead Tree
Eastern Jungle Jungle Gemstone Dungeon
Multiverse Benjamin's House -> Benjamin's BasementBenjamin's Cellar ∙ Ethereal Realm ∙ Iota's House (exit to the labyrinth)Arena ∙ Solomon Steel Corporation :: Lehebris Embassy ∙ Gingerbread Lands ; Void Store ∙ Steel's Prison ∙ McCubert's Dimension ∙ Memories Labyrinth
Islands Treasure IslandLightning Gym ∙ Ghost Island Estate ∙ Banana Island -> Tower of Illegal Merchant ; Reverse Ziggurat ∙ Illegal Prison Traders ∙ Tower of the Cursed Merchant ∙ Haunted ManorSuper River Town ∙ Golden Islands ∙ Flying Spaghetti Monster Tower (Final)
Demon Island Sushi Town :: Dark Eidus' Laboratory ; Underground Port ∙ White Demon Shop ∙ Wild Jungle ∙ Bowels of the EarthPyromancer Cemetery ∙ Sorcerer Training Grounds ∙ Mount Dark Eidous ∙ Sensei's Mountain ∙ Chef's Camp ∙ Sandy Docks ∙ Sandy Inn ∙ Ravine

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