You can get to the location exclusively through the northern entrance of the Secret Passage location. The crypt is to the west of the passage that was dug to go around the gate between the Ivory Lands and MacGuffin Shire.

In the very first area of the crypt, there is an alchemy gate can be opened at a cost of 300 Alchemy.

As soon as they cross the alchemy gates and in all areas hereafter, the heroes' food supplies is depleted at a rate of 1 Food per second. The heroes find themselves in a festering crypt of the undead, with flies buzzing all over the place.

By going down the first staircase, the heroes find themselves at the bottom of a pit.

In the western part there are two towers leading to the lower level. The passage to the first of them hides an invisible bridge over the abyss, located approximately in the center.

The bars are lowered by a lever hidden in one of the secret places of the Lich's Crypt.

At the bottom of the pit, there is a musical box to open with the bells nearby. It contains the Urn Nigel Empty Urn, Necromancer Urn Nigel.

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The combination to open the chest is: Blue Yellow Yellow Green Red Blue

The spirit of the Necromancer can be found in a room to the north of the locked bars, above the pit.

To the east are a BrownChest Closed brown chest (Longbone Buckle of the Cosplay Nigel Necromancer0 Necromancer), a path to the BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal and switch near the entrance, and stairs (accessible via Warrior Pole pole).

The eastern stairs lead to a separate section of the lower level with golz, a BlueChest Closed blue chest, and a Necro Ghost ghost with a hint (for those not patient enough to search through 5! button combinations) about a nearby secret.

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