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Johnny Athlete
More about the hero:
Hero: Johnny
Attributes: MIG  CON  REF
Role: Damage
Weakness: None
Where to find:
(Automatically issued at the beginning of the game.)

Cosplay Johnny Athlete - "Johnny is an athletic boy, but quiet and polite. Following Bruce Lee's words "...Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend" Johnny loves to be 100 tons of water and crash on his enemies' face."

Characteristics and EquipmentEdit

  • Primary Stats: Might, Constitution, Reflexes
  • Weakness: none
  • Types: living, human
  • Weapons: baseball bat (+MIG)
  • Gear: polos (+CON), helms (+REF)

Unlocking the ClassEdit

It is issued automatically during the tutorial and at certain stages of the game.

The class cannot be re-selected on its own at the .

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Details: Although there is no known way to upgrade affinity levels with this class, the information below appears when visiting a big floating crystal. The information stops at affinity level 4.

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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
Level Gem Requirement Powers Unlocked* Extra Slots Unlocked
1 - 1 active
2 10 xEarthNugget Betterest +1 active
3 Colpo Fortunato
4 110 per cento

Special Class AbilityEdit


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