Ivory Castle is located at the eastern edge of the Ivory Lands, immediately after Boneburg and north of the Imperial City.

At the first visit, chaos reigns in the city. The bigots, a league of "anti-undead" brigands, took it over and they are trying to chase its undead residents away.

Several enemies through the streets, causing battle with whoever they meet. If the heroes leave an area and come back to it, the enemies respawm and must be defeated all over again to navigate through the area.

Defeating the enemies in this area will allow you to make progress with side quests Ivory Hero and Spell Compendium.

At the entrance to the castle, the tablet says that it belongs to Baron Bernardo Gui.

Once the bigots are defeated, the castle becomes a peaceful area (no more random encounters).

Ground FloorEdit

In the kitchen in a blue chest of 10 x EarthNugget. Behind the door, which can be opened for a price of 2,000 Golz, in the box is the Endless Scoop of the Chef, in brown chests food, in the red Breakfast Box, in the Blue Chest: 5 x EarthShard.

At the rear annex, in a blue chest behind the thorns, there are 6 x AirNugget.

On the lower floor, in two blue chests 6 x KnowledgeNugget and 10 x EtherNugget.

Second FloorEdit

In the living room with pianos in a blue chest: 11 x FireNugget.

In the center of the room, there are two bells and a  MusicBox Closed musical chest which contains Battle Postcard IV.

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Color combination: - Blue - Blue - Blue - Yellow

In the back rooms of the King’s chambers on the second floor, you can access rewards using Gentlebone Certificates.


  • 1 x Gentlebone Certificate: chest with Warrior's Cosplay III
  • 2 x Gentlebone Certificates: chest containing the artifact Blue Truffle Jar.
  • 3 x Gentlebone Certificate - 12 x FireNugget in the blue chest, a mortar and pestle in the red chest.

Gentlebone certificates are obtained by completing the Bronze/Silver/Gold stages of the Ivory Hero side quest.

On the right in the second bedroom on the left, there is a closet with 5 x WaterNugget and a big floating crystal. On the wall in the guard's room, there is a red chest.

Version HistoryEdit - A musical chest was added on the second floor, in the living room.


There are 2 secrets at this location, see the Secrets page.

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