During your adventures in the Doom & Destiny: Advanced game, you will pick up many different kinds of items. Compared with the original Doom & Destiny, the dynamics involved are very different. "Inventory items" are a broad category of objects found in the game.

From your inventory in the menu, you will be able to browse the different categories of items:

Items in "Doom & Destiny: Advanced" will mostly be used to unlock powers or battlefields in the arena. Most items are not consumable in the sequel, meaning that the menu doesn't allow you to use items such as potions.

Instead, you must rely on powers to heal between random encounters. The only types of "items" that are consumable are resources: food, stuff, reagents, void / concentrate void, gems (nuggets, shards and gems) or currency (golz).


Artifacts at Smithy
Icon Artifact Description Power Unlocked Source
Alchemy for Dummies*A step by step guide on how to brew mana potions.Mana Potionhouse outside Royal Crypt
Ankh of Health*A celebratory relic for greedy, but fair, God. Health AnkhStory
Astral ThreadAn artifact capable of binding a soul and protect it when it travels between worlds.(n/a), plot itemStory
Bacco's Blood*A bottle containing the divine blood of a drunk God. Tasty GrapeMacGuffin Castle pantry
Blue Truffle ConcentrateJar kept with cure and love, holding the spirit of a valiant Blue Truffle. Double Voidvoid shop near Steel's Docks.
Blue Truffle JarFunerary jar, holding the spirit of a skilled Blue Truffle. Void WindSide Quest: Ivory Hero
Cubus CubiAn artifact required to open doors to different worlds.(n/a), plot itemStory
Dark Eidous' Distiller*Artifact capable of synthesizing more alchemical reagents from common alembics.Side Quest: Spell Compendium
Dwarven Holy Wrench*An artifact that helps you find more stuff out of old chests.Side Quest: Robot War
Eversmoking Lamp*A magic golden lamp that creates thick smoke clouds. Smoke ScreenSide Quest: Good Cop
Gian Bulogna's Crossbow*A masterpiece of medieval engineering precision. XI century shotgun! Crossbow Shotmusical chest in Imperial City inn
Gigi's Pizza Box*Pizza box of a legendary chef who fed whole armies with his pizza.BanquetPizzeria (near River Town)
Golden Pot*Fey artifact that brings good luck and helps you find more gold. Side Quest: Fairy Tales
Grandma's plums*Canned plums used during Fart-o-mancers' fests. FartomancyPizzeria (near Castle Town)
Healer Kit*Medical kit belonged to a brave doctor without borders. MedikitRanger Hut
Lunch Time*A very old clock that always marks the lunch hour.Fancy SteakTutorial
MacGuffin's Crown*Belonged to MacGuffin IV, the Greedy.(n/a), plot itemsecret in MacGuffin Castle
Monsters Collective Guide*A monster compendium written by adventurers and heroes.Scan EnemyMage Tower
Nails Squeezer*An hellish nail used to prepare crazy cocktails Nails Cocktailsecret in Royal Crypt
Necromancy for Dummies*A step by step guide on how to brew healing potions. Health Potionsecret outside Royal Crypt
PhD Thesis*An .odt full of mathematical formulas and alchemical symbols.Science!!!Mage Tower
Philosopher's Beer*Fermented by God himself, turns gold into powerful magic cures.ResurrectionRoyal Crypt
Pizza-Call*The phone number of the legendary takeaway "Gigi's Pizza". Pizzapizzeria in Imperial City
Plateau's Lance*An artifact capable of damaging the soul of creatures living in different worlds. Plateau's LanceStory
Red Magic PaintMake your boats faster and stronger, allowing you to sail through deep water. Red Speed BoatRescuing the Archmage
Saint Drake's Blood*Mystical and always fluid blood with regenerating powers. Dragon BloodMountain Cave
Self-rewinding Tape*A magical audio tape capable of self-rewinding! Awesome MixHeartbit Studio
Smoke Rod*An ancient rod that burns without flame, only smoke. RetreatRoyal Crypt
Spoon of Prosperity*Artifact capable of creating more food from picnic baskets. Side Quest: Monster Chef
Urn of the Blue TruffleSmall jar containing the spirit of a Blue Truffle, which can use the void. Void CrackStory
  • Note: Artifacts marked with a * can be sacrificed at Blacksmith Judah's hall at the Dark Eidous Laboratories below Sushi Town for 20 ConcVoid.

Not listed here:


Gems are collected to upgrade the heroes' affinity classes. More information at the Gems page.

Key ItemsEdit

Icon Key Item Description Source Required To:
Pastafarian Key The key to a very mysterious booty Pirate Xs, foes in Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Temple Open chests in FSM Temple -3
Key of the Cellar Opens Benjamin's cellar. Tutorial Tutorial
Key of the Warehouse Used to open a warehouse in Little Village. (Hamlet Town) Fey Forest west of Hamlet Town a secret in Hamlet Town.
Farmer's Well Rope Crafted by able farmers to descend mysterious wells. RedChest Closed red chest in Farm Access Farmer's Well (for Knight Spirit)
Dragon Tooth A classic medieval-fantasy souvenirAdvanced Cellars & Lizards Access Dragonshrine altar
MacGuffin's Pass Prodigious paper which lets you cross the reign of Queen MacGuffin. Queen MacGuffin Cross Shire/Enchanted Kingdom borders
Magic Souvenir A useless piece of junk, but it might grant you the use of the boat in the Shire River Town gondolier Rent boat
Ivy Rope Incredibly long rope, for a very special well Green Thumb Access Demigod's Crater (for Ranger's Cosplay)
Wood Well Rope RedChest Closed red chest near Ranger Hut Access Wood Well (for longsword +1)
Certificate of Valor A proof of what you did to bring order and security to MacGuffin's Shire Shire Hero Access rewards in MacGuffin Castle throne room
Key of the MacGuffin's Crypt Grant access to lower levels of MacGuffin's Crypt. MacGuffin Castle secret (see description)
Skull Key Used for some wicked and godforsaken tomb... Differently Alive Access Tomb
Soft Leaves Roll Soft and tender, for every natural need. BrownChest Closed brown chests near Ranger Hut, some plant foes Access certain areas and equipment
Theatrical Key Key to access the inner rooms of the Theatre in the Croaking Swamps of Mystery small RedChest Closed red chest in Orcish Theater (see description)
Magic pass A magical paper that entitles you to cross Castletown's borders Violet MacGuffin Cross Croaking Swamps of Mystery border?
Esmeralda's Key A key to open the secret passage to the north border with Ivory Lands Esmeralda (see description)
Lich Hand A horrific, mummified hand. What will be its purpose? Differently Alive Interact with Liches
Key to SweetHold Key to King Toad Giorgio Pio II's gingerbread Hold Defeat King Toad GP2 Access rear portion of SweetHold
Ivory Pass This pass will allow you to cross Ivory Land's borders Bernardo Gui (see description)
Gentlebone Certificate A proof of your fights against injustice in the Ivory Lands Ivory Hero Access rewards beyond Castle Ivory throneroom
Dead Hand Low-cost manpower for an undead merchant. some undead foes Buy gems from undead merchant, access certain equipment vendors
Spell Book Where mages write their magic stuff. some spellcaster foes Buy gems from nugget merchant tower, access certain equipment vendors
Imperial pass Gift of Imperial Clairvoyant Marcus Fatum, allowing you to cross imperial borders Marcus Fatum Cross imperial borders, use docks near Imperial City
Imperial paperwork Documents and tax stamps required to receive the Merchant's permit Commerce Palace in Imperial City (obtain 4 for Merchant's permit)
Gigi's Cookbook Reprint of the prestigious pizza recipes of the legendary Gigi Monster Chef Access pizzeria in Imperial City
Merchant's permit An amazing paper that authorizes you to trade in the Imperial City! Commerce Palace in Imperial City Access equipment vendors in Imperial City
Steel Mandate A state of art counterfeit paper with Solomon Steel's stamp Steel Tower offices Obtain Labs' pass
Labs' pass Electronic key to access to the labs Steel Tower offices (see description)
Nigels' Key Key to Nigel's apartment, in Steel Palace (see description)
Mikes' Key Key to Mike's apartment, in Steel Palace (see description)
Johnnies' Key Key to Johnny's apartment, in Steel Palace (see description)
Francises Key Key to Francis' apartment, in Steel Palace (see description)
Heartbit Key Key to the magnificent Heartbit Interactive, the independent video game studio (see description)
Video tape Security cam tape recording from Benjamin's 80's house Benjamin's 80's House Hints for unlocking Benjamin
Righteousness Certificate The proof that you are an incorruptible man Good Cop Access rewards in Sand Town sheikh's home
Key Card Level 1 It opens the level 1 warehouse Steel's Docks (see description)
Key Card Level 2 It opens the level 2 warehouse Steel's Docks (see description)
Dark Eidous' Pass A written permission to cross Demons Island gates chest in Dark Eidous' throneroom Cross Demons Island land border to S
Fake Id card A fake id card to get inside the Steel City. It looks perfect. black market merchant in Steelingrad Enter Steel City - the expensive way.
Faker Id card An even faker Id Card, with a banana logo as a stamp shady guy in Steelingrad Enter Steel City - for fewer golz, but another price...
Security Key Card Electronic Card that grants access to the Security Room Steel Tower (see description)
Blue Key Card One of four key cards that opens Solomon Steel's private elevator Steel Tower (see description)
Yellow Key Card One of four key cards that opens Solomon Steel's private elevator Steel Tower (see description)
Red Key Card One of four key cards that opens Solomon Steel's private elevator Steel Tower (see description)
Green Key Card One of four key cards that opens Solomon Steel's private elevator Steel Tower (see description)
Heart Bit The cubic bit of Heart (see FSM Tower quest) Finish FSM Tower quest
Death Mountain Pass Allow you to cross the border to the Death Mountain wild lands Secret Village of the Red Ninja (see description)
Judas Judas is small and ugly and has to be hidden inside your backpack! Blacksmith Judah's House Unlock Concentrate Void merchant
Ice Peak Key Card Special Key Card for the secret cave in Ice Peak Town Mysterious Compound (see description)
Obsidian It's a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock Mysterious Compound, killing foes in Cubic Forest Access McCubert's Dimension
Cube Capacitor A cube filled with fluxing energy various Open successive portals from Mysterious Compound for The Steel Mask
MacGuffin's Pendat An old pendant with a lovely picture of a young Queen MacGuffin Haunted Manor Progress Such a Complicated Love

Resource ItemsEdit

(see the Resources page)

Urns & SpiritsEdit

At this submenu (Inventory > Urns), urns found, memos and cosplays owned are listed.

There are 12 urns and spirits to be found throughout the Doom & Destiny: Advanced world to unlock each of the non-standard hero classes.

For more information, visit the Urns & Spirits page or consult the info from the Classes page.

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