Located west of Castle Town in MacGuffin Shire, Hamlet Town is a quiet little village, well...almost quiet.


On the first visit to Hamlet Town, everything is engulfed in flames.

After the victory in the Royal Crypt, the village is completely rebuilt and transformed.

Upon returning to the village after a conversation with Queen MacGuffin in Chapter 2, it is once again destroyed.

North of the town, we find the resting place of the MacGuffin kings (the Royal Crypt, also referred to as the "Northern crypt" by the locals) and a barbarian camp. To the South - River Town and in the west: Castle Town.

Note: this location is often referred to as "Little Village" in the game, but the sign on the world map and the villagers refer to it as "Hamlet Town".


This is no metropolis, but there is an inn with BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal.

The local blacksmith sells a few pieces of starter equipment:

  • Cosplay Nigel Wizard0 Wizard: Maggic Staff (120 Golz DDA), Maggic Tunic (180 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Mike Cleric0 Cleric: Blessed Mace and Blessed Chainmail (120 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Johnny Barbarian0 Barbarian: Bastard Sword (180 Golz DDA), Wooden Underpants (120 Golz DDA)
  • Cosplay Francis Rogue0 Rogue: Sharp Dagger (180 Golz DDA), Stealth Cloak (120 Golz DDA)


There are 2 known secrets in Hamlet town, see the Secrets page.

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