It's game currency of World D&D. With golz, Heroes can buy items, potions, equipment and powers.

Types of Golz: Edit

HandfullGold2 A half-handful of golz

HandfullGold A handful of golz (15-35 golz)

Emerald Emerald (10 golz) | Sapphire Sapphire (20 golz) | Ruby Ruby (30 golz) - this tipe Heroes can find at the Zelda Forest and Cave at the Judas Grave

ArenaCoin Coin (10 golz) - find at the vines in Mario Land and

1GoldBar golz bar (50 golz) | 2GoldBar 2 golz bar (100 golz) | 3GoldBar 3 golz bar (150 golz)

1PurpleBar Alien golz bar (750 golz)

Treasure Chests with Golz: Edit

Goldbag Goldbag2 Purse with goltz (6-16 golz)

GoldChest GoldChest2 Chest with golz (404-768 golz)

Pirat Chest Pirat Chest2 Pirat Chest with golz - requires 24x24pxOld Pirate Key24x24px to open.

Note: Edit

  • When golz are picked up , a "$" symbol appears above the characters' heads.
  • Judas has 120 pieces of silver, but in this world they are useless.
  • golz is not gold (mean a precious metal)
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