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The Golden Islands - Do&De World Map

Located at the southwest corner of the world map, these islands don't appear on the world map.

There are three islands: one snowy island at the center of a trail of iceburgs, another island to the north and another one to the east. The islands get their name from the creatures that roam them.

On the snowy island at the center, there is a crater area where you will find an ultimetal ingot in a purple chest. This location can only be accessed with the hot air balloon.

Battle GoldDragon

Gold Dragon on the Golden Islands

The other two desert/forest islands can be explored with a ship but beware, the enemies are quite strong. Recommended level: Lv 80 and over.

These desert islands are a great place to "farm" gold in the post-game.


  • Gold Dragon
  • Gold Mastiff
  • Gold Cow
  • Gold Behemoth
  • Gold Demilich
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