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The term "Gems" in Do&De: Advanced is used in two different ways. It's used to refer to the category of items as a whole ("gems") which includes 3 different types: nuggets, shards and gems. It is also used refer to the last / most valuable type: the gems o.O

There are 3 levels of gems: nuggets, shards and gems. Each gem represents an element that brings power to the spirits contained in the urn (See the Classes page for more information.)

There are 6 different elements:

  • First, there are what are called the primary colour elements: EarthNuggetearth, EtherNuggetether and FireNuggetfire. These are more common and less expensive to buy from the merchants of the world.
  • Then there are 3 other colours, the secondary elements: AirNuggetair, WaterNuggetwater and KnowledgeNuggetknowledge. These are typically rarer and cost more at the merchants.

With the first two gem types (nuggets and shards), you can create rarer gems (i..e: "Gems") by halving the amount of gems obtained and paying a price in golz. In the following table, you will find a list of the unit price of converting each gem, according to what you pay at the secret shop in the Ultimate Forest, an area that can be accessed after character level 100.

Primary color gems
Gem Price Gem Price Gem Price
 EarthNugget Earth Nugget 400  EarthShard Earth Shard ~900  EarthGem Earth Gem 3600
 EtherNugget Ether Nugget 400  EtherShard Ether Shard ~900  EtherGem Ether Gem 3600
 FireNugget Fire Nugget 400  FireShard Fire Shard ~900  FireGem Fire Gem 3600
Secondary colour gems
Gem Price Gem Price Gem Price
 AirNugget Air Nugget 800  AirShard Air Shard ~1800?  AirGem Air Gem 7200?
 WaterNugget Water Nugget 800  WaterShard Water Shard ~1800?  WaterGem Water Gem 7200?
 KnowledgeNugget Knowledge Nugget 800  KnowledgeShard Knowledge Shard ~1800?  KnowledgeGem Knowledge Gem 7200?


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The text below is rather subjective and seems more like a guide than a wiki page. The information will have to explained in a more objective/factual way.

When you reach about level 100, the sources for shards from story or secrets are mostly depleted. So if you want to upgrade your heroes to the max you have to find a different and more reliable source for gems.

For farming Nuggets and Shards the easiest way is to go to the Golden Islands and defeat a few enemies until your gold is full. Then go to the secret shop where Rose is in the training camp. You can buy 10 primary Nuggets for 4000 and secondary Nuggets for 8000. For creating Shards you have to take them to a .... to convert them into Shards. Farming Shards from the Gemstone Dungeons does not make sense as you get only like 10 shards on every run. And you have to avoid the 3rd level where a lot of Gems drop.

Farming Gems using the above way you would have to grind 3600/7200? Golz for every single Gem and you need hundreds of them to fully upgrade your heroes. My estimation is you need 2,000,000 Golz which equals to 40 runs between the Golden Islands and the secret shop if you have room for 50,000 Golz. Instead you can go to the Gemstone Dungeons. You can get about 15 Gems of two types (depending which dungeon you visit) per run if you equip your Ranger with the Hunter skill. They drop mostly in the 3rd level, so better disable the Hunter in level 1 and 2 else you have to defeat a lot of enemies. Do not forget to set some automatic attacks in the Powers-menu, so you don't have to fight all battles manually. In short: in the Gemstone Dungeon you will get a Gem for about 1200 Golz. And while traveling the dungeon you will earn more or less the amount of Golz you need to enter the dungeon again. So effectively it's free, it's just clearing the dungeons like 30-40 times for upgrading all Heroes.

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