Cosplay Francis Adventurer0 Adventurer - One of Francis's combat classes in Doom & Destiny Advanced, it can cause high damage to enemies mainly with elemental magic.

He has abilities like bombs, potions, and magical attacks. His starting cosplay is reminiscent of the main character in the Legend of Zelda games, Link.

With this class, Francis doesn't have to resist the urge to break vases anymore!

Characteristics and EquipmentEdit

  • Primary attibutes: Might, Reflexes, Skill
  • Weakness: -50% Icon Fire resistance
  • Types: Icon Living living, Icon Fey fey, Icon Fighter fighter
  • Weapons: magic swords (+MIG)
  • Gear: magic shields (+REF), magic caps (+SKI)
  • Francis' Cosplays

Unlocking the ClassEdit

Map OrcusLair DDA

Orcus' Lair on the Do&De:Adv world map.

Urn & Spirit Location: In Orcus Lair, a place reminiscent of the "Legend of Zelda" games, similar to the one in the first Doom & Destiny game.

It is a small tower close to the edge of MacGuffin Shire, at the south of Solomon Steel's lands.

At this location, the heroes have to solve a puzzle involving braziers before being able to continue to a dungeon / castle to the north, in which the urn and spirit can be found.

Affinity LevelsEdit

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Legend: (A) = active power, (P) = passive power
Level Gem Requirement Powers Unlocked* Extra Slots Unlocked
1 - Concussive Bomb (A) -
2 5 x AirNugget Magic Attack (A) +1 active
3 5 x AirNugget Fairies Potion (A) +1 item
4 6 x AirNugget Lawnmower (P) +1 passive
5 6 x AirNugget Magirang (A) +1 active
6 8 x AirNugget Shield of Wisdom (P)
7 8 x AirNugget Ice Scepter (A)
8 10 x AirNugget Heart Collector (P) +1 passive
9 3 x AirShard Lightning Scepter (A) +1 item
10 4 x AirShard Hit and Run (P) +1 active
11 4 x AirShard Fire Scepter (A)
12 5 x AirShard Shield of Power (P) +1 passive
13 6 x AirShard Eldritch Beam (A) +1 item
14 8 x AirShard Magic Bow (P)
15 8 x AirShard Charge Energy (A)
16 10 x AirShard Shield of Courage (P) +1 passive
17 3 x AirGem Master Strike (A)
18 4 x AirGem Vibrant Blade (P)
19 4 x AirGem Master Spin (A) -
20 8 x AirGem Mirror Shield (P) -

Special Class AbilityEdit

  • The adventurer can break any Adven GreenVase green vase that he finds across the world and get valuable loot from it.

Known Green Vase LocationsEdit

Icon Lightbulb

(Add your confirmed green vase locations by clicking "Add a photo to this gallery" below!)

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