Doom & DestinyEdit

Francis is the real ninja of the party. His main ability score is Dexterity; he strikes fast, uses poisons and staggers his opponents to slow them down.

He can easily avoid many hits due to his high evasion score. His biggest flaw is the lack of high damage powers and a low MP pool. He is also the cool and collected one in the party.

Using him as a leader you can boost your team speed and/or evasion.

Doom & Destiny: AdvancedEdit

Francis can equip different classes in the sequel:

Classes in Doom & Destiny: Advanced
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Cosplay Francis Nerd Cosplay Francis Rogue0 Rogue Cosplay Francis Chef0 Chef Cosplay Francis Ranger0 Ranger Cosplay Francis Adventurer0 Adventurer
Cosplay Mike Hipster Cosplay Mike Cleric0 Cleric Cosplay Mike Knight0 Knight Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard Cosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate
Cosplay Johnny Athlete Cosplay Johnny Barbarian0 Barbarian Cosplay Johnny BlackGuard0 Black Guard Cosplay Johnny Warrior0 Warrior Cosplay Johnny Pyromancer0 Pyromancer
Cosplay NigelGeekCosplay Nigel Wizard0WizardCosplay Nigel Sorcerer0SorcererCosplay Nigel Necromancer0 NecromancerCosplay Nigel Summoner0 Summoner
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