This is the final Flying Spaghetti Monster Tower. It is located in deep waters at the south east corner of the world map, on the other side of a whirlpool in the Lands of the Sands of Time, the desert around Sand Town.

How to reach this locationEdit

The tower can only be reached by going through a whirlpool in the Lands of the Sands of Time.

To enter this whirlpool, you must first get the "red magic paint" item obtained by completing the Rescuing the Archmage end-game quest. Having the red paint will allow your boat to navigate through deep water tiles.

Once you have the red magic paint, take the boat in Sand Town and follow the waterways to get to western part of the Lands of the Sands of Time.

There will be an invisible whirlpool hidden at the center of 3 large rock cliffs. Go inside of it and you will exit on the other side of the world map, at the south east corner, where you will find an island with the Flying Spaghetti Monster Tower.


To gain entry to the tower, you must have completed "The Steel Mask" (endgame quest). If this quest is not completed, you will not be able to go inside the tower, there will be no gate/door to enter.

Futherrmore, to unlock all of the content found at this location you will need to have 4 heartbits. This is where you can find them:

Using all 4 heartbits after the final boss is defeated will open a passage that leads back to Heartbit Studio, where additional content can be found. You will get access to another arena entrance with higher level encounters to defeat.

Inside the TowerEdit

  • Endless with a secret ending...

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