It is located on a peninsula close to River Town near a chain of mountains, at the center of the Enchanted Lands. To the east, we can see the Tower of Mages and River Town.

Around the temple, pirates devotees praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster and talk about their religion; Pastafarianism (...which is a spoof religion in the real world by the way. See this external link if you're curious.)

In the GreenChest Closed green chest to the left you can find a cosplay for the Cosplay Mike Bard0 Bard class.

The temple is located on a peninsula surrounded by mountains to the north. The only way to get to the temple in the early chapters of the main quest is via BoatDDA boat, which you can rent in River Town nearby.

Once the heroes find themselves at the entrance, they will need to find 2x flying meatballs and place them on the dishes in front of the entrance to enter the temple. The meatballs can be obtained from two side quests: Good Cop (Gold reward) and Yarrrr (Silver reward).

If you remove the meatballs from the dish, the door will close. There is a solution for this puzzle (see the secrets page.)

The third meatball is located in the RedChest Closed red chest to the left of the elevator. To open the passage, you need to lower the grating blocking the path (again, see the secrets page for spoilers.)

If you put 1 of 3 meatballs on a dish, the heroes will gain access to the second floor with a BigFloatingCrystal big floating crystal, a huge amount of  Golz DDA golz and a RedChest Closed red chest with about 2,800x Golz DDA golz.

Floor -1Edit

Location FSMTemple PictureOnWall

A map hangs on the wall...hmm.

At the south of floor -1 in the spear room, there is a horde of Flying Spaghetti Monsters led by the Blessed Pirate. The lever that opens the passage is to the left. After killing this group, the Memory Mike Spirit / Memo, Pirate Memory Mike will be available for the Cosplay Mike Pirate0 Pirate class.

Behind the spirit there are piles of  Golz DDA and a core box in which a Pastafarian key is hidden.

A clue about the location of the hangs on the wall.

Floor -2Edit

To activate the elevator at the right in the main hall, you need to collect all 3 meatballs on the dishes.

The elevator lowers the heroes immediately to Floor -2.

To go further to Floor -3, you will need to activate 4 green symbols of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the floor. These symbols are located in 4 angular directions: 2 in the upper / northen part of the area and 2 in the lower / southern part of the area. After the heroes stand on any of the symbols, their color will change from green to purple.

Killing enemies at this location will make you progress with the “That's not Italian food” side quest.

Icon Lightbulb Tip

To get the treasure from all of the Pastafarian chests, you can collect Pastafarian keys from enemies on floors -2 and -3.

Floor -3Edit

To the left and right of the elevator, there are a total of 6 rooms (3 rooms on the left side and 3 rooms on the right side) with a total of 80 Pastafarian chests, which can only be opened with Pastafarian keys.

At the north of this area, you will find yourself in a large room with a puzzle to solve. If you can prove that you can travel to the infinite, you will get a chance to fight a spawn of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Version HistoryEdit

  •, The temple is open to visitors.
  • Near the entrance to the temple, a sign about the ongoing work was added.
  • Full (06/05/15): an NPC sailor capable of summoning a boat has been added to the location.
  • At the initial release of the game, it was impossible to get to the temple.

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