Many places you can get equipment but cirtain are better for charactors

For nigel using staves that increase your spirit is a need so is mana if you use a stave that focuses on melee damage dont really require it so dont use it Force staff is an example of this Use items like Wizards staff that increase your mp and your spirit

For johnny this is quite different he requires strength and hp mp if you want to but focus on might for him try to use equipment that helps with mp but make sure it doesnt lower your hp or strength

For Mike he well do what you deem fit he is a healer and supporter he requires everything

For Francis however is quite like mike but he requires dex and str to fully utilize him i say max dex than max str but make sure you dont just use all dex than use str because if you do then he will be rather useless in battle later in the game be sure to make all you can when it comes to this charactor he requires quite a bit of fine tuning but with this help you will get far

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