Finding SecretsEdit

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No door remains concealed from the Rogue.

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The Ranger finds the less trodden paths.

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The Necromancer receives wisdom from beyond the grave.


62/62 Secrets scattered about the world (as of version Postcards III and VI are also counted secrets, so a total of 64/62 is possible.


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Foundation's stable, but the plumbing needs work.

3. Entering from the Village, the southwest house has a toilet which when flushed rapidly will give up it's secret. Reward: Necromancy for Dummies.
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Note the faint arrow shape over it and the dot in the center.

4. In the area with the Teleport Pad message, the room to the left is sealed with a grate. Between the two alcoves nearby is a light-colored brick which can be pressed to open it. Rewards: Golz, Food, Shopping Bag
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Heed well the words of the statues.

5. After crossing the Teleport Pad, the archway north opens up when the extinguished candle to the left is clicked. Rewards: Golz, Dead Hand, Alchemy Phial, and a message informing you that you can read.
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Bones underfoot should be a warning sign...

6. In the room with a grated passage south of a long north-south carpet, the statue to the right has a protruding plaque. Click on it for Rewards: Golz, a Checkpoint Crystal, and a secret exit from the Crypt.
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This one's your giveaway.

7. North of #6, the archway with the green arrow opens from the statue to the left. Reward: A beautiful vase. Also, a passage around the sealed stone doors.
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A shortened cross is a plus.

12. In the room with three barred passages, the archway along the east wall opens with a click on the east tombstone. Rewards: Golz, Food, 11 Fire Nuggets and a Checkpoint Crystal.
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All he wanted was a little attention.

13. The room north of the Black Guard encounter, where his spirit appears, the skull in the northeast alcove slides the fake sarcophagus aside. Rewards: Lots of Golz, Quiver of the Ranger, Nails Squeezer, 5 Water Nuggets.

Hamlet TownEdit

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Can't get more conspicuous than a big, red chest.

2. The warehouse in the southwest corner unlocks with the key from the gnomes' camp. Rewards: Golz, Food, Pic-nic Basket.
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Secret bunker in case of fire.

8. Next to the southeast home, a pine tree conceals a vine leading down into a pit. Rewards: Stuff, Knight's Urn

Castle TownEdit

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Couldn't you have just hopped over the fence from outside?

9. The Magic Shop in the southeast corner has a Teleport Pad that can be accessed by clicking the statue. Rewards: Sorcerer's Urn

Castle MacGuffinEdit

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MacGuffin's treaures now Available.

10. A treasury is in the northwest corner. After speaking with the Queen, the guard standing along the eastern wall will leave, and you can walk through the opening. Rewards: Golz, Purse, MacGuffin's Crown, Key to MacGuffin's Crypt
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In prison for molesting statues.

11. Below the prison, on the north end of the cavern with a passage through murky water, the statue to the right of the north telepad opens a door between the braziers. Reward: Golz, Food, Diabolic Flail of the Black Guard, 6 Air Nuggets and a Famished Gate (75 Food) leading to more Golz, Food, 5 Fire Shards and a Spaghetti Altar.

Ranger WoodEdit

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This wasn't dug by badgers.

14. In the entrance area, behind the northwest tree is a pit with a vine. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, Profane Symbol of the Black Guard, Soft Leaf Roll.

Shire LandsEdit

15. On the north end of the forest north of the Castle is a single tree in a clearing. Rewards: Ranger's Spirit, Bow of the Ranger, Boots of the Ranger.

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Location's good, but the storefront needs work.

16. Along the southern edge of the mountain ring around Snow Mountain is a single dead tree. Enter that for Reward: A Merchant selling 12 of each Primary Nuggets for 12 Dead Hands.

River TownEdit

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Don't mind us, we're 'security experts'.

17. In the north side Magic Shop, follow the long red carpet west through the wall. Rewards: Reagents, Golz, a 1/2 price Reagent Merchant, and 6 Knowledge Nuggets.

Mage Tower SewersEdit

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An inherently profitable venue.

18. On the south end of the path from the entrance, next to the first accessible telepad, is a statue that lowers the bars blocking the Arena. Rewards: Golz and access to the Arena.
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A woman you can only meet in a dive like this.

19. In the sewer maze past the Beige Drake, stand to the left of the woman facing left and click on her to teleport to the one facing right. Reward: Golz.
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Obviously the work of Magihobos.

20. The telepad north of x deposits you to the right of another telepad. Enter it from the left. Rewards: Golz [and something in a chest].

21. After returning from x, again click the statue facing left to teleport to the one facing right. Rewards: Golz [and something in a chest].

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Hell of a place to have to trust your footing.

22. In the room with switches to left and right, go past the stone gates to the grate in the walkway. East of here is an invisible floor to the blue chest.

Ethereal LabyrinthEdit

23. Touching each of the lamposts around the Village bridge opens a door to the left, past the boulder. Rewards: Food, Reagents, Stuff, 10 Fire Nuggets, a Resource Box, 6 Knowledge Nuggets, a Cauldron and a mana spring. Past the Mana Spring is an Alchemy Phial.

24. The Inn southeast of #23 can be entered by clicking the center of the wall. Rewards: Stuff, Golz, 1/2 price Reagent Merchant, a sacrificial chicken and a Checkpoint Crystal.

25. The path to the right of #24 leads to dead end concealing a hidden passage. Go through that for Rewards: Golz, Reagents, and Snake's Bracers of the Sorcerer.

26. Down the ladder past Death's throne room, click the outlined brick in the east wall to open the archway to the right. Rewards: Golz, Resource Box, and 6 Knowledge Nuggets.

Swamp LandsEdit

27. Enter Iota's shack from the world map on the right side. Rewards: Golz, 5 Water Nuggets.

28. On the left side of the second swamp room toward Toad Castle, a telepad is hidden behind the bluish willow. Reward: 6 Water Nuggets.

Mage TowerEdit

29. At the stairs down from Violetta, the statue to the left slides aside a bookshelf directly south, revealing a Void Gate. Rewards: Void, a Boule de Void, 5 Water Nuggets, 11 Earth Nuggets, and a shortcut to Iota's.

if you return back out of the void gate to the Mage tower go downstairs to lower floor

30. In the room with the necromancer's spirit are five buttons (outlined bricks.) The sequence 3, 4, 1, 5, 2 opens the archway behind the spirit. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, 2 Dead Hands and a Lich.

62. At the bottom of the chasm, west end, a row of bones leads toward a stone archway. Click the archway to enter. Rewards: Golz, 5 Knowledge Nuggets, a Dead Hand, Holy Whip of the Warrior, a Spaghetti Shrine and a lever that opens the gates across the bridge above.


31. In the northeast corner of the Magic Shop, next to the mocking headstones, click the coffins in top, right, left order to open the stone archway. Rewards: Golz and a Moneybag.
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Ivory CastleEdit

32. Upstairs central corridor, east wing; the wall-clock next to the safe opens it. Reward: Mortar and Pestle.

32. Northern corridor, the ticking grandfather clock opens a secret door. Rewards: Golz, Warrior's Spirit, Spirit Whip of the Warrior, Spirit Vest of the Warrior.

Imperial CityEdit

33. Enter the Mage Quarter from the northwest side. Rewards: Golz, 2 Water Shards.

The LabyrinthEdit

34. Row a boat southeast around the continent to a shack on a small island. Rewards: A Spaghetti Shrine, and entrance to the Arena, 2 Water Shards and a Resource Box.

35. Entering from the north, go off the east side of the map. Rewards: A Spaghetti Shrine and a Checkpoint Crystal.

36. Outside the northernmost building, a switch behind the east side pine tree opens a nearby stairway down. Rewards: Golz, Food, Reagents, and a Thermos.

37. Inside northernmost building, click silver statue. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, 10 Earth Nuggets.

38-39. South of #35-36, the eye on the eastern building opens the door. Follow the path west through the wall. Rewards: Golz, Food and Stuff.

40. Inside the building west of #38-39, click the orange pot on the right. Rewards: 11 Fire Nuggets and 12 Ether Nuggets.

41. Inside the Labyrinth, along the right-hand path. On the north wall of the maze is an outlined brick which opens the door to the right. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, Stuff, 4 Fire Shards and 6 Ether Shards.
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42. Along the left path, the wall directly behind the aristocrat opens a secret door. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, 5 Earth Shards and 2 Water Shards.

Snow Mountain

43. In the shack on top of the mountain, the fridge slides aside to reveal a ladder. Rewards: Golz, Void, Air Nuggets a Spaghetti Shrine and a Void Gate which contains Void, 2 Air Shards and a Boule de Void.
44. From the mine entrance, one track splits off to the east wall. Through that is Rewards: Golz and 12 Ether Nuggets.
45. In the room where a blue cube is seen, the grave marker west of the first ladder opens a passage in the north wall. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, 10 Ether Nuggets, a sacrificial chicken, a mana spring, and a Checkpoint Crystal.


46. Down the first ladder there a glow from the wall around the west corner. Click to enter for Rewards: Stuff and a Checkpoint Crystal.

47. Cross the bridge to the east Ziggurat and climb the ladders up to the top. Clicking the wall between the windows opens a dooor. Rewards: Golz and 6 Air Nuggets.

48. Across the lower bridge back to the west Ziggurat, a door in the wall between the window and torch opens. Rewards: Stuff and a Bundle.

Desert RuinsEdit

49. On the right side of the exterior is a statue holding a sword. Walk in front of it to drop below and flip the switch to reveal the stairs back up. Rewards: Golz, Stuff, Reagents, 12 Earth Nuggets, a sacrificial chicken and a Checkpoint Crystal. You can also skip this at first and collect it with another secret later.

50. The invisible bridge forks invisibly to the left. Rewards: Golz, Food, a Spaghetti Shrine and a Piggy bank. Standing in front of the pillar south of the red chest drops you into an area with more Golz, Void, 12 Fire Nuggets, 5 Water Nuggets and a Void Gate. Through the Void Gate is more Void, a Void Accumulator and 2 Knowledge Shards.

51. On the outside of the treasure room in #50 is a statue wielding a sword, which drops you into another room. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, Mortar and Pestle and 12 Earth Nuggets.

Steel PalaceEdit

52. Office level - on the west end of the cafeteria, follow the light colored tiles through the wall. Rewards: Big-Events Hat of the Chef, Big-Events Apron of the Chef, and Big-Events Ladle of the Chef.

53. On the north-west part of the right section of the Laboratory level, the ladder can be reached through the hidden passage. Rewards: Void and a Void Merchant.

54. On the far left of the Laboratory Shop is a secret path that loops north and back east to the area behind the counter. Rewards: Checkpoint Crystal, Curse Removal, and gem converters to make Primary Nuggets into Secondary Nuggets, Primary Nuggets into Primary Shards, and Primary Shards into Secondary Shards.

61. Enter any of the evil clones' apartments after you get their keys. Rewards:

  • SuperCool Staff of the Wizard, SuperCool Tunic of the Wizard, Supercool Hat of the Wizard, Arcane Flame Rod of the Sorcerer, Alligator's Bracers of the Sorcerer, Alligator's Amulet of the Sorcerer,

  • Rightful Mace of the Cleric, Rightful Chainmail of the Cleric, Rightful Symbol of the Cleric, Chic Longsword of the Knight, E Plate Armor of the Knight, Exaggerated Large Shield of the Knight

  • Horse Buster Sword of the Barbarian, Yob Underpants of the Barbarian, Yob Belt of the Barbarian, Allbreaker Flail of the Black Guard, Bad Bad Banded Armor of the Black Guard, Bad Bad Symbol of the Black Guard

  • Familybreaker Dagger of the Rogue, Disrespectful Cloak of the Rogue, Unpolite Shoes of the Rogue, Very long Bow of the Ranger, Exaggerated Boots of the Ranger, Exaggerated Quiver of the Ranger


55. The tombstone (marked with LK -up arrow) on the right end of the path around the pond disappears to reveal stairs down. Rewards: Golz, 3 Air Shards, 6 Fire Shards and a Spaghetti Shrine.

56. West of the gingerbread church is another marked tombstone. The tombstone north of it hides another stairway. Rewards: Golz, Reagents, Food, a Lunch Box and a sacrificial chicken obstructing 4 Earth Shards.

57. South from the church, a lolly-pop tree conceals a switch that opens a stairway nearby. Rewards: Golz and 2 Knowledge Shards.

Lehebris EmbassyEdit

58. In the room past the first yellow doors, a carpet leads east through the wall. Rewards: Golz and 2 Knowledge Shards.

59. South of the pursuing robots, the section of pipe along the south wall is passable. Rewards: Void and a Void Accumulator.

Inner LaboratoryEdit

60. At the bottom of the lift, walk west through the wall. Rewards: Void, Food and a Checkpoint Crystal.

Extra SecretsEdit

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The grim up north (but not that far north,) where barbarians go to cool their nipples.

63. Close to the west of Castle Town, nestled in a ring of mountains, in a chest behind a tree.
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Using trees as postboxes must be a local custom.

64. The park in the hospitality district of Imperial City, in a chest behind the south tree.

Miscellaneous Hidden or ObscureEdit

Not counted as secret, but things that can escape notice anyway.

Gate to Ivory LandsEdit

-  color/sound chest behind alchemical door, grey yellow yellow green red grey

Snow MountainEdit

- Around the right side of the mountain cluster is one mountain you can enter to find an Arena entrance.