Resources in this game are fairly common. There are five types of resources: Golz, Food, Alchemic Reagents, Stuff, and Void. All resources have a limit to how much you can carry. This amount is increased by findong items such as Picnic Baskets and Grocery Bags. Resources are mainly used for item powers, but are also used to open certain gates and in some class powers.


Golz returns from from the last game and remains the main currency. Golz is commonly found throughout the game and is almost always received when winning a fight. Golz, like every other resource, has a limit, but you can carry up to 18,000 Golz with all the items found.


Food is less commonly found than golz, but it still is found somewhat often. You can get free food from Pizzerias. Food can sometimes by dropped by enemies, though it depends on the enemy. It appears as food in a basket in dungeons, and it can be added to your inventory, provided your food stock isn't full. Excess food is wasted. Some merchants also sell food, generally 2 golz per unit. Unlike in real life, you don't have to eat food regularly.

Alchemic Reagents

You Can Find These Uncommonly And You Can Buy Them At The Arena For a Cheap Price!


Mostly Used By The Rouge Or Ranger And Is Very Useful For Escaping Stupid Random Encounters!


Void Is First Introduced When You Escape Death In Chapter 3 Return Of The Nerd! You Can Produce It At Papa Smurfs Place Upstairs! Void Is Used To Break Void Shields! Here Is 3 Attacks The Void Can Use!

Void Crack, Void Wind And The Platue's Lance!