Tap the screen to proceed with dialogs and confirm.


Touch and Slide to move the Heroes in the gesture's direction. The gesture can be done anywhere on the screen.

Slide your finger for moving your Heroes as if you were using the analog stick of a controller.

To do precise changes of direction, Release your Finger before changing direction.


Tap the screen as you did before the dialogs to interact with the chicken.


Touch and Hold the screen to open the menu. There you can access the "Heal" section and heal the team. To browse the menu as if you were holding a controller -- menu items are NOT activated by touch -- slide up and down to navigate the options. Slide to the right to confirm [or just Tap], to cancel slide to the left.


Some Powers consume MP (Mana Points) to be used, but some others consume "Resources". While MPs are personal, and each Hero has his ones, his "Resources" are shared by the entire team. Main resources are: Food, Alchemy, Tools and Golz. Those powers that are under the "Object" category exclusively use Resources to work.

World MapEdit

Welcome to the "World Map". Here enemies are "wandering encounters", which means you'll be attacked by surprise while simply walking. Have fun. Bwahaha aha ah!

Saving SystemEdit

Game progress is saved automagically, but in order to move your online saved-game or fix a check point, you have to use a Big Floating Crystal! In the event of defeat, you won't lose anything. money, treasures, acquired experience and game progress are not lost. You'll simply start again from a big floating crystal.

Class SystemEdit

Each Hero can play different "roles" or Classes. The Floating Crystals, on top of being the game's saving zones, allow Heroes to change Classes.

As a Knight, Mike can move boulders! Just have him in your team, and you'll be able to interact with a boulder. Interacting with a boulder will automatically modify the marching order so that brave Mike will be able to move the rock. Then everything will go back as it was before!

Experience and LevelsEdit

By defeating your enemies, you'll acquire Experience Points and if you collect enough of them, you'll get stronger! In the screen that shows you your improvements, you get to choose one characteristic and further improve it. Nonetheless, that very characteristic cannot be selected twice in a row, you'll have to alternate your choices each time you level up.

Stat systemEdit

A Hero's combat ability is defined by 8 stats: Might, Critical, Health, Constitution, Charisma, Skill, Reflexes and Agility.

  • Might increases the damage dealt with every kind of attack and the amount of life or mana healed with a healing spell.
  • Critical increases the chance to deal a Critical Strike; it will double the damage, the healing caused and the number of Status Tokens. This value is countered by the Reflexes stat of the opponent.
  • Health defines the number of HP, that is the amount of damage that you can take before dying.
  • Constitution defines the duration statuses (like poison, confusion and burn.) A high Constitution increases the duration of positive ones and reduces the duration of negative ones. Furthermore, when battle ends, this stat increases the amount of HP restored.
  • Charisma defines the number of MP that allow you to case or use Powers.
  • Skill increases the effectiveness of Item Powers and Passive Powers. When an Item Power is used from the game menu, its effect is defined by the highest Skill available in your party. At the end of the battle this stat defines the amount of MP recovered.
  • Reflexes define the chance to evade an incoming attack or Power, thus halving the damage and number of Status Tokens received. This value is countered by the Critical stat of the opponent.
  • Agility increases the number of actions that a character can do in a given time, by reducing the time required to recover from the previous action. It also increases the chance to start first at the beginning of a battle.


Artifacts are unique and extra powerful magic objects. They'll give you an "Item Power" that you can use in battle and/or from the Heal menu. All of the Item Powers consume Resources that are shared by the entire team. Use them with due parsimony...