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This page is for the location in the sequel Doom & Destiny: Advanced. For the location in the original Doom & Destiny game, visit this page: Castle Town

Castle Town is located by a river at the north of MacGuffin County.

The city is divided into two sections: the town itself and the castle, refered to as "MacGuffin Castle" on the wiki and "Castle Town Castle" according to plot characters in Doom & Destiny: Advanced.

To the north, Queen MacGuffin the Available sits in her throne in the castle.

Points of InterestEdit

As the heroes enter the town, there is an inn with a tavern where they can rest. The locals also give clues about secret locations in the surroundings.

In the center of the town the west, there is a church. The priest inside can bless the heroes and there are 3 chests to open, each containing nuggets to upgrade affinities:

  1. Have Nigel absorb the energy barrier (requires the Sorcerer class). Reward: 11x EtherNugget
  2. Have Mike move the boulder (requires the Knight class). Reward: 10x FireNugget
  3. Have Johnny banish the chicken (requires the Black Guard class). Reward: 10x EarthNugget

At the south west of Castle Town, there are 2 houses: the one completely to the left leads to the arena, and the one to the right is a home where an edlerly couple lives. There is a Adven GreenVase green vase there too.

At the northeast of town, there is a house. In it, a Barb Nobleman nobleman blocks the way to a staircase. After belching at him with Johhny as a Barbarian, go upstairs to find a chest that contains the Large Shield of the Knight.

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