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Boat1 The boat is the first vehicle in the first Doom & Destiny game. It allows navigation in shallow waters (light blue tiles) and can be bought from chapter 6 onwards for 1,000 golz or by getting rid of all of the cats in the old sailor's house.

Where to find Edit

Sailors House

Boat location

In the sailor's house at the southwest of the Northern Lands. The heroes end up there in Chapter VII to get into Benjamin's flying ship.

The old sailor sells the boat to you for 1,000 golz or 500 golz if you get rid of all of the cats in the sailor's house.

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If you interact with each of the cats several times, they will eventually explode after a few interactions (after 4-5 times).

Interesting Facts Edit

  • The boat is the most basic form of transportation in Do & De. Later on in the story, you will be able to get a ship and a hot air balloon, both of which are faster.
  • The boat can't navigate through deep waters (dark blue tiles). It gets blocked by rocks and icebergs * You can't leave the Northern Seas and you are limited to shallow waters (light blue tiles).

History Edit

  • 1.1 The boat was introduced to the game.
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