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Auto-Battle MechanicsEdit

That's what developers say about it:

"Autobattle mechanism is actually a bit complicated ...

The bigger the priority the likely is a skill to be cast. In fact, if the following actions satisfy the conditions:

Basic attack (priority 1)

Potion of Mana (priority 3)

(Total priority = 4)

The probability of launching would be the following

Attack base ¼ = 25%

Potion of Mana ¾ = 75%

When one of the actions exceeds priority 3,applies the exclusion rule so that only actions within a range of 2 points can be performed. And the probability becomes dependent on that gap, for example

Basic Attack (priority 1)

Triboli (priority 2)

Empty Wind (priority 3)

Resurrection (priority 4)

If one of my partners is dead, and therefore I can cast all the abilities in question, the game subtracts the base

base = top_max-3 = 4-3 = 1

to all priorities, and use this modified value to launch the abilities as we had done in example 1.

By applying the exclusion rule :

Basic attack     1-1 = 0

Triboli:     2-1 = 1

Empty Wind:     3-1 = 2

Resurrection     4-1 = 3

(Total priority = 1 + 2 + 3 = 6)

Base connection     0/6

Triboli:     1/6 = 16%

Empty Wind:     2/6 = 33%

Resurrection     3/6 = 50%

In other words, if you want to only cast meteor swarm, set for meteor swarm a priority at least 3 units larger than the other skills that satisfy the condition."

The Arena Edit

Get in the RingEdit

Arena SmashONeil Dialog

Speaking to Smash O'Neil at the arena

At the arena, Smash O'Neil offers the heroes a chance to win double the ante if they can defeat multiple random encounter matches. The enemies that appear in the random encounters typically have some link with the area the arena is found in.

Here are the random encounters to be fought at various locations:

Location Ante 1st Round Opponents 2nd 3rd 4th
Castle Town 60  Golz DDA Gnomunculus, Chicken(5), Sparkling Gnome Country Pirate(2), Gnomunculus(3) Brawler, Country Pirate, Crooky Bow, Jobless Sorcerer Grey Wolf(3), Wurg
Mountain Arena 100  Golz DDA Bat-Lamp(2), Hot Mage Lizard(2), Mr Shroom Bobby Bat(2), Hot Mage, Lizard Lizard(2), Red Drake
River Town (Jail) 110  Golz DDA Longshot Orc, Hillbilly Orc, Iron Bones, Hexed Orc Mage Knight(2), Red Mage, Blue Mage Hillbilly Orc, Hexed Orc, Parma Orc, Longshot Orc Red Mage, Warding Golem, Yelllow Mage, Blue Mage
Mage Tower Sewers 130  Golz DDA Warding Golem(2), Red Mage Enchanted Mouse(2), Giant Mickey Enchanted Mouse(2), Beige Drake Mold Shroom, Smelly Dragon
Ethereal Labyrinth 160  Golz DDA Ghostly Sheet(3), Willy the Ghost White Fairy(3), Battle Ghost Maleficent Fairy(3), Battle Ghost Willy the Ghost, Ghostly Sheet(2), War Ghost
King George II the Pious' Fort 200  Golz DDA Quarreltoad, Magitoad(2) Swampy Weed(2) Mold Shroom(2), Swamp Monster Quarreltoad(2), Royal Toad, Magitoad
Boneburg 220  Golz DDA Jobless Sorcerer(2), Hot Mage(2), Heathen Cleric Heathen Cleric(2), Quarrelsome Cleric(2) Steel Head(3), Quarrelsome Cleric Cocatrix(2)
Imperial City (Prison District) 280  Golz DDA Gimp Orc(2), Scholar Orc, Longstride Orc Longstride Orc, Prague Orc, Gimp Orc Parma Pig(2), Wander Cook, Prague Orc Black Wolf(2), Black Wurg
Imperial City (Pizzeria District) 300  Golz DDA Star Gazer(2), Sparkling Gnome(3), Gnomunculus Sparkling Gnome(2), Gnomunculus(2), Red Cap, Great Gnome Sparkling Gnome(2), Gnomunculus(2), Star Gazer, Gnorgy Gnorgy, Great Gnome
Labyrinth Delta 260  Golz DDA Ma' Dusa(3), Cocatrix Baffalo(2), Tauro Faerie(2), Fire Mcfly(2), Gnorgy, Tauro Kretone, Black Wurg
Snow Mountain 312  Golz DDA White Wurg(3), Cool Carrot, Cold Iron Cool Carrot(2), Frigidus, Cold Iron Cold Iron, White Wolf, Frigidus Cool Carrot(2), Frigidus, Snow Smasher
Ziggurat 310  Golz DDA Blue, Yellow, Red, Green Red (3), Blue, Green Batzo, Green(3), Blue Red, Batzo(2), Screwer, Blue
Giovanni Plateau Temple 314  Golz DDA Green Spike(3), Scorpion(3) Green Spike(2), Sand Smuggler(2), Dire Scorpion Dire Scorpion(2), Scorpion(3) Peter(2)
Sushi Town 1,080  Golz DDA Blue Oni (x3, Lv 49), Greasy Ogre (Lv 54) Blue Ogre (x2, Lv 54), Greasy Ogre (Lv 54) Fire Spirit (x2, Lv 54), Armored Ogre (Lv 56) Greasy Ogre (Lv 54), Armored Ogre (Lv 56)
Heartbit Interactive Studio 10,000  Golz DDA Pale Knight (x2, Lv 150), Demilich (x3, 150), Titanic Boner (x2, Lv 157), Stefano (Lv 150) Lord Weed (x2, Lv 157), Pirahnna Grass (x2, Lv 150), Venus (x3, Lv 150), Sparkle (Lv 150), Davide (Lv 150) Electrocopier (x2, Lv 157), Firing Gun (x3, Lv 150), Cleanertron (x2, Lv 150), Filippo (Lv 150) E.T. (x2, Lv 150), Alfonso (x3, Lv 150), Fratello (x2, Lv 157), Gabriele (Lv 150)
Final Arena Battle (Heartbit Interactive Studio): Dark Nigel, Dark Mike, Dark Johnny, Dark Francis (x1 each, Lv 157), Francesco (Lv 150), Matteo (Lv 150)

Intergalactic HeroesEdit

(online fights against other players)

Arena EntrancesEdit

MasterMuscle Caption2

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