Achievements added in D&D on mobile platform ( on Android)


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How to get:
1 HeartBit thanks Start the game
2 Heroes in Pants Start Chapter II
3 A link to another Game Start Chapter III
4 Judas Iscariot Super Star Start Chapter IV
5 Super Doom & Bros Start Chapter V
6 JRPG Start Chapter VI
7 Mandatory Casstle Start Chapter VII
8 Dragon's Ball Learn the Ultimate Secret Technique
9 Destiny & Doom Beat Doom (reincarnation of Destiny in Destiny Castle, VII Chapter)
10 Warp Zone Defeat Richards Army before the Airship. 6 groups of 8 enemies.
11 Beat the Dragon! Beat Richard on the Airship, before it explodes.
12 Defeat'em All Beat Twin Demons (find orb in Neo Sushi Island)
13 Judas' Revenge Defeat Robot Judas
14 Pastafarian Defeat the Flying Spagetti Monster on the Spagetti Monster Island
15 Green Ninja Upgrade Green Magic Ring in the (Neo Shrine)
16 Red Zodiac Upgrade Red Magic Ring in Citadel
17 Yellow Spagetti Upgrade Yellow Magic Ring on Bananashaped Island
18 Blue Ice Upgrade Blue Magical Ring in the (Alien Crater)
19 Row Row your Boat Buy the Boat
20 Big Blue Buy the Ship in Super River Town
21 Guardian of Power Defeat a real Guardian of Power in the Orcus Lair
22 I believe i can fly Buy the Air Baloon
23 You've found NOTHING! At the start of the game, go to the left from the house. Look at the chest in the trees.
24 It's a Secret to Everybody Find 10 Secrets
25 I know they where there! Find 20 Secrets
26 i know EVERYTHING! Find All Secrets
27 Free Rewards! Get 4 Bronze Sidequest Stars
28 Sidequest are easy! Get 8 Bronze Sidequest Stars
29 Jimmy Sidequest! Get all 13 Bronze Sidequest Stars
30 I'm on my way! Get 4 Silver Sidequest Stars
31 I like Sidequests! Get 8 Silver Sidequests Stars
32 Who's Next!?! Get 13 Silver Sidequests Stars
33 The Grinder! Get 4 Gold Sidequests Star
34 I destroy EVERYTHING Get all 13 Gold Sidequest Stars
35 The Destroctor! Get 20 Gold Sidequest Stars
36 Dr. Insano, I presume Meet with Dr.Insano in Abandoned Crystal Mine
37 Where is Judas? Meet Dr.Insano 3 times
38 Save the Princess again! Defeat Dr.Insano in his Castle and bring princess to home
39 Dwarf in Distress Bring back 3 dwarfs in Dwarven Brewery
40 Mellon! Bring Back home all Dwarfs
41 Teach me Master! Learn 10 Powers
42 Rangers of Powers Learn 45 Powers
43 I love the power, it's so bad! Learn 90 Powers
44 i'm POWER Learn All Powers

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  • (Android) - Introduced
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