As at v2.8.4, there are a total of 65 achievements to be completed in the game. Completing the achievements will not grant you any in-game rewards, only bragging rights.

Here is a table of the achievements that are listed in the menu, under Journal -> Achievements. They have been grouped together by type; they will not appear in the same order in the game.

Quest AchievementsEdit

Name Description
Left for Nerd Reach chapter 1
No Nerds No Party Reach chapter 2
Return of the Nerd Reach chapter 3
Nerd to the Bone Reach chapter 4
Operation Destiny Reach chapter 5
Raiders of the lost artifact Reach chapter 6
Solomon Steel Inc Reach chapter 7
Blue Screen of Doom Reach chapter 8
Gran Theft Nerd Reach chapter 9
Eye of the Noodle Reach chapter 10
A Trip to Demon's Island Reach chapter 11
Nerds Never Die Reach chapter 12
Bronze Trinkets Complete 10 bronze side quests
Silverware Complete 10 silver side quests
Golden Boy Complete 10 gold side quests

Arena AchievementsEdit

Name Description
So on and so forth Fight 1 online battle with a total of 12 characters
Carnival Fight 1 online battle will all characters in cosplay
Sold Out Reach full MP with all characters in an online battle
The New One Win 1 online battle
Low Battery Win an online battle without resource perks
Last Resort Win 1 online battle with only 1 character still alive
Heroes vs Rest of the World Win 1 online battle as a defender in the "Stadium" battleground (requires Battle Postcard XXXVIII, cost: 50 doomstones)
Head Down Win 6 consecutive online battles
Pitfighter Win 20 online battles
Never Say Never Reach the Silver League ladder at the arena
First Class

Reach the Gold League ladder at the arena

Cosplayer Buy 1 cosplay in the Arena Shop
Traveller Buy 1 battleback (postcard) at the arena shop
Doom-Store Spend 50 doomstones at the arena shop
Destiny-Store Spend 100 doomstones at the arena shop

Adventuring AchievementsEdit

Secret Stumbler Find 20 secrets
Secret Hunter Find 50 secrets
Secret Master Find 100 secrets
Nugget River Use 200 nuggets to upgrade classes
Cascade of Fragments Use 100 fragments (shards) to upgrade classes
Gems Tzunami Use 50 gems to upgrade classes
Level Capped Reach max level with entire party
Mamma Mia Collect 100 food resource from the pizzeria
Traditional Cuisine Spend 1,000 total food resources
All for Charity Spend 10,000 golz in battle
Critic Right Kill 255 GREEN enemies with a critical attack
An apple a day keeps the doctor away Kill 99 RED enemies with 2 or more negative states
Adept of the Reaper Kill 9999 enemies
Catch me if you can Escape 10 battles

Class-Specific Achievements (sorted by class)Edit

Bulldozer Barbarian: Kill 123 GREEN enemies with a base attack
Ace Barbarian: Kill 1 YELLOW enemy with a single strike
The Show Must Go On Bard: Sing 123 songs
Vampirism Black Guard: Use "Macabre Regeneration" 66 times
Hell Calling Black Guard: Inflict more than 666 damage with a single attack
Heavy Cooking Chef: Inflict 100 negative states to enemies
Save Our Souls Cleric: Heal a total of 9,999 HP
Skelekorps Cleric: Kill 333 GREEN undead enemies
Agent with Shield Knight: Protect a friend (an ally) 101 times
Energy Drink Knight: Absorb 100 HPs from an enemy attack
Braaains Necromancer: Zombify 666 GREEN enemies
Faithful Friend Ranger: Kill 99 enemies with a summoned pug in the party
NoMan's Land Sorcerer: Kill 101 enemies with multiple attacks (multi-target powers, maybe?)
3 is a Magic Number Sorcerer: Kill 3 YELLOW enemies with an attack
Beat them all Summoner: Defeat 25 summoners
What's yours is mine Thief: Steal a total of 1,000 golz and resources (stuff, maybe?)
Caution on your back Thief: Use 60 sneak attacks
Counter-Attack Source Warrior: Use 101 counterattacks
4 Hit Dice Wizard: Send 99 enemies to sleep
Philosopher's Stone Wizard: Spend 99,999 MP

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