WorldMap Do&De

Version 1.1 available from the end of October 2010 added a lot of changes to the gameplay and the world:

- new Food ration and Water ration items
- a boat is available to explore shallow water
- The new journal contains quest log, side quests and the game completion interfaces
- Corrected most of the typos

- Fixed the light bug at the left wing of orcus dungeon
- Fixed the darkness bug
- Added a new miniquest feature, they start up once you kill or collect something, they have 3 levels of difficulty and 3 different rewards each
- You can now continue to play after you win the game

- General game rebalance
- Added weapons, armors and accesories filters in inventory
- Around 20% more levels to explore
- You can now save on a mem card or usb stick
- New Psychedelic title screen background

- Now game should load 10/20 times faster, so you can hit start to skip the logos screen
- Now transitions load 10/20 times faster
- Game package size reduced by around 30%
- Now game shouldn't freeze when casting a new spell
- After you finish the main plot the world is changed, time to go for some new adventures!

- World map unified to a single gargantuan world, with a size of about 3 times the original
- A new mini map that scrolls with the player allows navigation in such a big world
- A game completion feature
- one new huge boss to fight
- 2 new towns *small and medium sized
- New items able to permanently increase a base ability

- Tons of new minions and wand fodder
- Added SAVE! reminders XD
- Powers and items found in shops appear in the handbooks without the need of buying them

Version 1.1 was made obsolete in January 2012 by version 1.2.

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